5 Key Differences: ENTJ vs. ESTJ (2023)

HNOEESTJsboth possess enthusiasm, intelligence, and impressive leadership qualities. With their bold and sometimes intimidating personality, they regularly inspire others to achieve and pursue goals. However, they have some differences.

Key differences between ENTJs and ESTJs

ENTJs are charismatic, determined, strong-willed, and live to take responsibility and lead others. ESTJS are leaders who like to bring order to chaos; They're impressive and a little intimidating, but they'll get things done. ENTJs and ESTJs have different thought processes and leadership styles, but often achieve similar, successful outcomes.

ENTJs are confident, competent, and ambitious. Your work life tends to define you and can be your main source of joy. Typically, any endeavor or social activity outside of work is tailored to contribute to your career success. Their charisma and ruthlessness can be intimidating to some, but the results they achieve are undeniable. Compared to your active intellectual life, your emotional life tends to be underdeveloped and, as a result, personal relationships may suffer. Ideal careers for ENTJs would be clerks, lawyers, or entrepreneurs. Famous ENTJs include Quintin Tarantino, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Ramsey, and Whoopi Goldberg.

When you need to do a job right, you can call an ESTJ. With a combination of fact-finding, traditional values ​​and their own experiences, they are excellent problem solvers. They are straightforward, practical leaders who don't like to put up with fools. They are also tireless workers, but they also enjoy their free time, above all they enjoy their families. Ideal careers for ESTJs would be a judge, manager or police officer. Famous ESTJs include Colin Powell, Bette Davis, Lyndon Johnson and Judge Judith Sheindlin.

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kind ESTJ vs ENTJ

Both ENTJs and ESTJs are driven individuals who thrive on leading others. While a successful work life is important to everyone, it can be the ENTJ's main source of happiness.

Nothing makes an otolaryngologist happier than overcoming a difficult challenge. They are tireless workers looking for the next achievement to feel fulfilled. They may not have many non-work related activities, so it is important that they seek balance in their lives, especially in relation to their interpersonal relationships. Here are some characteristics of ENTJ happiness:

  • You need to feel in control and in charge.
  • They are very competitive and love to win.
  • In order to have balance in their lives and be truly happy, they need to learn to relax and appreciate the world around them.

ESTJs are happiest when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Order and tradition are usually your framework for success. They take their work very seriously, but still make time for friends and hobbies, which they enjoy immensely. Here are some characteristics of ESTJ happiness:

  • They like to clean up confusion and create order.
  • Work life and personal life are nurtured with equal vigor - both are equally important to an ESTJ.
  • They value their free time and enjoy relaxing with family and friends.

If both personalities went to a family gathering, the ENTJ might feel uncomfortable. They don't lend themselves to emotional displays and idle talk. If possible, they prefer to run away, pick up their phones and take care of work-related matters. The ESTJ would have no problem putting work aside to spend a day relaxing at a family gathering. They laughed and chatted with everyone and left very satisfied.

ESTJ vs ENTJ difference indecision making

ENTJs and ESTJs are crucial, of course. The difference is how they make their decisions.

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ENTJs thrive on having the powermake decisions. Some may find them dominant - they tend to act one-sidedly, dismissing others' opinions in favor of their own judgment. Often, ENTJs look at the big picture, overlooking specific facts or subtle nuances when deciding what to do. Here are some issues ENTJs may face when making decisions:

  • You make decisions quickly and implement them as quickly as possible.
  • They use theories and ideas rather than specific data when making a decision.
  • They are adept at convincing other people of their opinions.
  • In making decisions, they will try new or original solutions when that is the best way to proceed.

ESTJs aren't afraid to make tough decisions. They look for as many facts as possible, but they also look at what has worked in the past and additional information gleaned from their personal experience. ESTJs tend to make decisions based on what is practical and generally rely less on abstract or unconventional thinking. Here are some issues ESTJs may have when making decisions:

  • Your decision-making is usually done in stages, from one logical conclusion to the next.
  • They consider facts more than theories or abstract ideas.
  • When something works, they are hesitant to change it.
  • You can rush into a decision without taking other people's opinions into account.

If both personalities were tasked with planning their family's holiday celebration, an ENTJ would quickly decide where to have it and what would be served based on their general idea of ​​how the holiday should be celebrated. No one else would be consulted. An ESTJ, on the other hand, would consider all relevant facts as well as what has worked best in the past. The choice would probably be made without consulting anyone in the family.

HNO vsESTJs areTo look

ENTJs and ESTJs are strong, confident individuals who know that looking the part is key to making the right impression.

ENTJs understand thatimportance of appearance, especially on first impressions. They take pride in how they present themselves and are immaculately groomed and confident in their style. You may have a unique fashion sense that is always appropriate for the occasion. Here are some ENTJ views on appearance:

  • ENTJs present themselves with ease and confidence, and their wardrobe matches their attitude.
  • They believe that maintaining appearance is associated with success.
  • You value the appearance of others, but place more emphasis on intellect and talent.

Like ENTJs, ESTJs value a well-groomed personal appearance. At work they're neat and tidy - shirts starched, creases ironed, everything adjusted - and at home they wear something casual and functional. Wherever you see an ESTJ, they will characteristically remain in control and are likely to hold themselves in perfect posture, while the look on their face is one of confidence and command. Here are some ESTJ views on appearance:

  • They may have pieces from years in their closet that still look pristine.
  • They dress quite conservatively with an emphasis on function.
  • If someone is a good, honest person, an ESTJ won't blame them for dressing poorly.

When attending a business dinner, the ENTJ looked classy and wore something classy and appropriate. His hair would be combed, his nails done and everything would be in place. At the same meeting, the ESTJ would be immaculately dressed in the conservative business attire he had worn for years, which still looked somewhat new. His hair would have been freshly trimmed and his nails self-manicured to conservative perfection.

HNO vsESTJfriendly differences

ENTJs and ESTJs enjoy having like-minded friends who share their values ​​and interests. While both personalities can be intimidating when you'reis considered your friend, there are few people more loyal than ENTJs and ESTJs.

At first glance, many might think that ENTJs are too busy to make friends. This is not true. They value friendship and are very specific about who they are willing to share that personal part of themselves with. You love intellectually curious people who enjoy meaningful conversations. Their friends beware, however, as ENTJs are known to be very judgmental and insensitive even to those close to them. Here are some characteristics of ENTJ friendships:

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  • They can be sociable, especially when this trait benefits their professional life.
  • Empathy may not be her forte. They are blunt and can even border on insensitive.
  • You enjoy engaging in challenging intellectual discussions.

ESTJs can be difficult, but they are loyal and reliable friends. They choose trustworthy people as friends who have similar values ​​and interests. Not much for small talk or superficial discussions, ESTJs prefer to have intelligent conversations and participate in activities such as sports or hobbies. Here are some characteristics of ESTJ friendships:

  • Although her friends are important to her, her family comes first.
  • Even among friends, they don't like to admit when they're wrong.
  • Your friends tend to be people of similar social status.

When a friend was distressed after a breakup, an ESTJ would hold their hand and listen. They would give practical advice based on the facts presented and do their best to help their friend move forward. An ENTJ would be absolutely lost in such a situation. They wouldn't want their friend to be sad, but they wouldn't have a clue what to say or do. You can tell the friend to reach out to one of your more empathetic friends.

ORL eESTJscontrast of anger

ENTJs and ESTJs deal with anger very differently. ENTJs are reluctant to show emotion, whereas ESTJs have no problem telling people exactly how they feel.

ENTJs are not naturally emotional and rarely allow themselves to show anger. For them, losing control of their emotions, especially in public, would be a sign of weakness. If they still get angry, they won't shy away from confrontation, but will be calm, cool and logical. Here are some characteristics of ENTJ rage:

  • Many people mistake his direct and sometimes confrontational communication style for anger.
  • A surefire way to upset an ENTJ is to dismiss their efforts or abilities.
  • If someone is angry with them, they won't back down but open up for debate and passionately defend themselves.

For the most part, ESTJs have their emotions in check. When angered, they remain calm, but have no problem showing their displeasure directly and clearly. They are not passive-aggressive and will not try to sugarcoat their opinions to save someone's feelings. Here are some characteristics of ESTJ anger:

  • They are particularly irritated by incompetence, chaos and laziness.
  • They pull no punches - if they're angry, they'll let you know why.
  • They tend to have long fuses, but if they get angry, watch out - they could explode.

When both personalities are working on an experiment in a lab and someone who clearly doesn't know what they're talking about criticizes the experiment, an ENTJ gets angry but probably won't show it. They will fiercely defend their experiment and explain in a not very nice way why the person is wrong. If the critic persists, the ENTJ will leave and get privately angry. An ESTJ in the same situation would get angry and lash out at the person. They could expect a pretty accurate lecture on why they were wrong.

Without ENTJs and ESTJs, the world would be a much less interesting and much more chaotic and unguided place. These bold personality types can be intimidating to more reserved personality types, but their leadership and enthusiasm are sure to trigger responses to any person or group looking for direction.

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