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As a Texas driver, maintaining your car's brakes is one of the most important things you can do. When driving, you need to be sure that your vehicle will stop when you hit the brakes. To ensure this, your brakes should be checked at least once a year.

martin tire companyis El Paso's most trusted fly shop. We employ a team of highly skilled and fully qualified technicians to inspect and repair brakes on any type of vehicle. If you live in this part of Texas and your brakes need attention, make an appointment at your home.nearest Martin Tire storeAS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Our brake repair

Every component of your vehicle plays a crucial role, especially the brakes. Therefore, repairing your brakes should not be carried out by any workshop. Instead, take your car to a reputable repair shop for any type of brake service. Even if you're just looking for a simple brake check, these inspections can reveal signs of serious problems before you know it.

At Martin Tire Company, our premium braking services are among the best in the business. We start with a complete visual inspection of your brake and hydraulic systems. Once we have an idea of ​​the issues you're dealing with, let's get to work. Depending on your situation, we can:

  • Renew your rotors and drums
  • Replace your brake pads or shoes with premium replacement parts
  • Repack the wheel bearings
  • Provide any other necessary maintenance or repair services

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How braking systems work

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When you choose Martin Tire to repair your car's brakes, you don't have to worry about fixing any part of the system yourself. Still, it's a good idea to understand the your brakes work.

Modern braking systems are reaping the benefits of over a century of development, making them extremely effective at slowing and stopping vehicles. The exact inner workings of your braking system will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. However, all vehicle brakes have a few things in common. We'll look at the major elements of the average braking system and discuss how these parts come together to do their job.


master cylinder

To understand how the master cylinder works, think of it as a pressure transducer. It responds when you create physical pressure by stepping on the brake pedal. Then the master cylinder kicks in, converting this physical pressure into hydraulic pressure. This allows brake fluid to reach the wheel brakes.

hoses and brake lines

Two types of channels are responsible for supplying pressurized brake fluid to the brake units on each wheel. These are impact resistant brake hoses and steel braided brake lines.

calipers and cylinders

Wheel cylinders are cylindrical in shape and are surrounded by a pair of pistons connected to brake shoes. These pistons are pushed out by the brake pressure and press the brake shoes into the brake drum. Calipers perform a similar function by pressing the brake pads onto the rotor. Both parts press on the friction materials of the brake system.

friction materials

drum brake shoes and disc brake pads

In disc brake systems, fluid in the master cylinder pressurizes the calipers, which press against the pistons. The pistons press the brake pads against the rotors, eventually bringing the vehicle to a stop. If your car has rear drum brakes, the brake shoes will perform the corresponding task in this system.

How do these parts work together?

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When you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid is forced through various hoses and lines. Eventually it hits the brake units on each of your wheels and activates the wheel brake calipers, cylinders and friction materials. Brake fluid is able to make this journey while maintaining its original movement and pressure because it cannot be compressed once it leaves the master cylinder.

One problem that can affect your brake system is the presence of air in the brake fluid. Unlike the fluid itself, air can be compressed, creating a spongy feeling in the brake pedal. You can use the bleed screws on each wheel cylinder to remove unwanted air from the system in this case.

Of course, this isn't the only issue that can affect your brakes. Brake pads and shoes can wear out over time, brake calipers can corrode, and fluid can leak from the brake lines. Problems like these need to be handled by professionals - living near El Paso means taking your car to the nearest Martin Tire Company shop for immediate service.

What Makes Brake Checks Essential?

To perform the vital job of stopping the vehicle, the brakes must be kept in good working order and worn components must be replaced. Considering this is a system you use frequently, you can't ignore any issues. Even small changes can indicate that your brakes are in need of repair.

To maximize your braking performance and personal safety, check and maintain your brakes regularly. Professional mechanics should check your vehicle's brake system at least once a year, but it needs to be checked more often if you drive frequently in city traffic or live in a mountainous area.

Know when you need brake service

There are some measures that can extend the useful life of your brake system, such as: B. Do not drive with the parking brake applied and check the brake fluid regularly. However, it's also wise to familiarize yourself with some standard warning signs for your brakes.Schedule a Brake Overhaulif you notice:

  • Loud noise when braking
  • Scratching or grinding noises during normal driving (these could indicate problems with your brakes or bearings)
  • Vibration or shudder when the vehicle stops
  • Yellow puddles of brake fluid under your car
  • Extra pressure on the brake pedal is needed to stop

Save money with our special brakes

No one wants to spend more than necessary on car service, and that definitely includes brake repairs. Maybe you've been putting off brake repairs for months, or you've only recently noticed signs of brake problems on your vehicle. Either way, paying to get your brakes fixed can be an uncomfortable experience.

To make life easier for our customers, the team at Martin Tire Company offers a collection of online coupons for automotive repair jobs, including brake service.Check what's availableand start saving now!

We are proud to make an exclusive offerMartin Tire credit cardfor additional financial support. This card can give you a specific line of credit for your vehicle, but the benefits don't stop there! It comes with some additional perks including:

  • a simple app
  • Low monthly payments for easy financing
  • Zero annual fees

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Schedule a Brake Repair in El Paso ASAP

Whether you need a brake pad replacement, overhauled drum/rotor or any other type of brake service, the team at Martin Tire Company can do it. We can also help with daily brake maintenance, including cleaning the brake fluid. Getting started is easy as all you have to do is fill out our formOnline-Terminformular.

Find out how to keep your brakes in top condition with our care tips. Or, if your car needs other repairs, kill two birds with one stone by checking this out.other servicesour brake shop offers.


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