Can bailiffs seize my property for my child's debt? - Tips, FAQs and more (2023)

Can bailiffs seize my property for my child's debt? - Tips, FAQs and more (1)

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bailiff (sometimes also "law enforcement officers") are people who work on behalf of their original creditors to collect their debts.

Unlike collection agenciesprobation officerhave some additional legal powers that allow them to sometimes force entry into your home and confiscate property.

Of course, visiting a bailiff can be a lot more intimidating than visiting a collection agency, but you need to know that bailiffs also have certain rules to follow.

There are assets that bailiffs cannot accept and certain things that bailiffs cannot do, depending on the type of debt you have.

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What things can't bailiffs handle?

There is a long list of goods and possessions that bailiffs cannot take away.Bailiffs may not take possessions belonging to another person.This means that they are only allowed to take property belonging to the person who is at fault.

Therefore, a bailiff cannot take any of your property for a debt belonging to your child.

The reverse is also true: a bailiffcannot take anything belonging to your childrenB. if you are the debtor of the debt. Bailiffs are also not allowed to bring pets or guide dogs, or items necessary for their work or study. You also cannot take goods you purchased with aPurchase and sale agreement (HP).

Also, the bailiff may not take any equipment or devices that you may need to meet your basic household needs. This includes things like tables, chairs, beds, stove, microwave, refrigerator, cell phone, etc.

Bailiffs are also not allowed to force entry into your home when they are collecting certain types of debts, for example debts.municipal tax liability.

Can bailiffs seize my property for my child's debt? - Tips, FAQs and more (2)

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What should I do if I receive a writ of execution from a bailiff regarding my child's debts?

When bailiffs are considering visiting your home to see your childdebts, you will probably get aexecution orderfrom them. After receiving the writ of execution, you usually have7 Tomebefore a bailiff shows up at your door. You can use this time to contact them and let them know that the debt is owed to your child and not to you.


Your phone number will likely be given in the order of execution. Calling them is a much better idea than sending them a letter as it is much faster and more convenient. If the bailiffs understand the fact that the debtdoes not belong to youthen you are clear. However, if they persist, you can tell them that you can send proof that the debt is not yours.

Ask them to suspend your case while you submit the evidence. You can give them proof as aCopy of your bank statementor yoursCity tax bill for the last three months.


What should I do if a bailiff shows up on my doorstep about my child's debt?

Always remember that when there are debtsnolegally yours,a bailiff has virtually no power.You cannot break into your home or use a locksmith to open your front door.

Remember that a bailiff can enter your home through an unlocked door or window; therefore, you must keep all doors and windows locked.

When a bailiff is at your door, you can deal with themthrough a closed door.First, ask them to prove that they are who they say they enforcement officersmust carry an ID with them.

Ask them to show you this, he will give you their name and what kind of bailiff they are.

Once you know the name and type of bailiff, you can look them up to make sure you are a real bailiff.

Once you have proof that they are who they say they are, ask them to provide proof of what they think you owe.

They can also request that a court produce a writ, known as a "Writ". If the debt belongs to your child, his name will appear on these documents, not yours. Inform the bailiff of this fact.

If the bailiff doesn't believe you, you can prove it to him by showing any identification document, such as a driver's license.

At that point, most bailiffs will realize that the debt does not belong to you, but to someone else. If your son doesn't live with you, he doesn't have to be there and he leaves.

If your child lives with you, they still have reason to be there, but these bailiffs can only take things that belong to your child.

Can bailiffs seize my property for my child's debt? - Tips, FAQs and more (3)

What should I do if a bailiff is trying to take something that belongs to me and not my child?

When a bailiff enters your home, they will try to take goods to pay off the debt they think you owe. The first time, only the goods you own are inventoried. If they attempt to inventory an item that belongs to you and not your child, you must step in and let them know that they are not authorized to do so.

(Video) Bailiffs cannot force entry for a civil debt like council tax or a PCN parking ticket.

Remember that bailiffs can only take over things that belong to the debtor. So if they try to take something that's yours when your child owes the debt, that's totally against FCA guidelines. This also applies when they try to take ownership of someone else as their partner.

If a bailiff tries to do this, assure him that the property is yours and not your child's. You can prove this by showing them a receipt or credit card receipt in possession. If they are trying to appropriate a vehicle that you own, you can contact the DVLA to prove that you are the registered owner.

What should I do if bailiffs take something that belongs to me and not my child?

If the bailiffs take something that was yours and not your child's, you must complain to them within 7 days. They then have 10 days to respond to you. they are bailiffsnopermission to take other people's goods with youif they don't have the debt.If you complain to them, state that they took someone else's property and not the property of the person who owed the debt.

You can prove this again by attaching an invoice or credit card receipt for the purchase of the item.

If the bailiff takes your things and refuses to return them, even though you've provided proof, you can contact the original creditor. this is the personcompany they work forfor.

If this still doesn't get you anywhere, I recommend you seek advice from a professional. You can seek advice from an independent charity such as StepChange or Citizens Advice.

Use the information provided by your professionals to plan what your next step should be in getting your things back.

common questions

Can debt collectors take from the family?

No. Collection agencies cannot collect money or take property from anyone other than the debtor. It's illegal if they did it.

Can my child's debt affect me?

No. Unless you are a guarantor or co-signer, you are solely responsible for the debt you owe.

Can bailiffs enter property that is not theirs?

Yes and no. Bailiffs cannot enter property that you do not occupy. You also cannot take someone else's property other than your own.

Can the bailiff take something from my parents' house?

Bailiffs can't take anything away from your childhood home if you don't live there. Also, you can't take anything out of your own house unless you let them in.

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What happens if I don't have anything for the bailiff?

If you have nothing to collect from a bailiff, he or she can refer you back to your original creditor. Your creditor can take you to court and bankrupt you.


In conclusion, all I have to say is that knowing the debt collection process goes a long way in dealing effectively with bailiffs.

Once you are certain that the debt belongs to your child and not you, you can use this information to easily deal with law enforcement officials who may be unfairly contacting you about your child's debt.

I hope this advice has been helpful to you and I hope you don't have any problems dealing with a bailiff who may be knocking on your door.

Can bailiffs seize my property for my child's debt? - Tips, FAQs and more (4)

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Anhang 12, Courts, Tribunals and Enforcements Act, 2007

Part 1, Rule 10, Law Enforcement Agent Certification, 2014., CPR – Rules and Instructions, 2018.

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What can and Cannot be taken by bailiffs? ›

If you let a bailiff into your home, they may take some of your belongings to sell. Bailiffs can take luxury items, for example a TV or games console. They cannot take: things you need, such as your clothes, cooker or fridge.

How do I stop bailiffs from taking my stuff? ›

Bailiffs can't come to your home or take any action against you if you can prove you don't owe the debt. Collect as much evidence as you can to show you're not responsible for the debt. Send this to the bailiffs with a letter explaining that you don't owe the money.

What happens if bailiffs can't get in? ›

If so, you or your debt collection agency can apply for a third party debt order. It's a court order that freezes money owned by the debtor but held by a 'third party' such as a bank or building society.

Can a bailiff take my son's Xbox? ›

Bailiffs can't take: things that belong to other people - this includes things that belong to your children. pets or guide dogs.

What happens if you don't answer the door to bailiffs? ›

They'll normally leave if you refuse to let them in - but they'll be back if you don't arrange to pay your debt. It's important to do this as quickly as you can, otherwise the bailiffs can add fees to your debt.

Can a bailiff enter my house when I am not there? ›

Yes. Provided the debtor has been given a Notice of Enforcement. Bailiffs cannot Break and Enter using a locksmith to a domestic property unless the money is owed to HMRC after certain strict conditions are met.

Can police stop bailiffs? ›

Bailiffs assisted by police. Nothing in Schedule 12 requires a constable to assist a bailiff to take control of goods, unless the bailiff has a separate warrant to use reasonable force to take control of goods on a highway. Police are required to assist bailiffs in the execution of property possession orders.

Do bailiffs have to accept payment plan? ›

Bailiffs can refuse a payment offer or payment plan, or say they only want full payment, but it helps to try to pay anyway. They will see you want to pay and it will be easier to negotiate. Paying can also stop them taking control of your goods.

How do you challenge bailiffs? ›

To complain about the bailiffs, find your council's website on GOV.UK and look for their complaints process. Most councils have an online form you can fill in to send a complaint. If you can't find your council's complaints process, write to their postal address. This should be in the contact section of their website.

What is classed as vulnerable to bailiffs? ›

Check if bailiffs should treat you as vulnerable

you're seriously ill. you have mental health problems. you have children or are pregnant - especially if you're a single parent. your age makes it hard for you to deal with bailiffs - usually if you're under 18 or over 65.

What can bailiffs force entry for? ›

A bailiff can only force entry:
  • To collect a criminal fine or taxes owed to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • To remove goods if there was a controlled goods agreement in place, but you didn't pay what you'd agreed to pay.

Can bailiffs take mobile phones? ›

Bailiffs can't take everything. They must leave you with basic household items, including: A cooker or microwave, a fridge and a washing machine. A landline or mobile phone.

What debts can bailiffs collect? ›

Bailiffs collect things such as County Court judgments (CCJs), council tax arrears, parking fines, and child maintenance arrears. Bailiffs have a legal right to visit your property, and to remove and sell your goods to pay off a debt.


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