ENTJ vs ESTJ- How can you tell them apart? - Personality hunt (2023)

For most people, the alphas of the MBTI are the ENTJ and the ESTJ. However, for someone trying to figure out who they are, it can be difficult to decide between these two types. It is understandable. Both want control over their lives. Both are written asEnneagramm 8In most cases. Therefore, an ENTJ vs. ESTJ is only appropriate if we want to distinguish between them.

The main source of confusion is usually the letters N and S. They could be borderline for both people. For others, they could have run tests that gave them two more types of MBTI. Now all they have to do is figure out where they land.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of their main differences.

What is the main difference between ENTJ and ESTJ?

An ENTJ is more of a visionary, taking charge of their life or business. You are charismatic and always see the big picture. ESTJs, on the other hand, are amazing leaders with incredible work ethics.

The difference lies in their long-term plans. ENTJs generally see and work towards the long term, while ESTJs are more interested in the present and how to make the most of it.

ENTJ vs ESTJ – Cognitive Function

The first difference lies in their cognitive functions. Cognitive functions relate to the way these types take in and process information.

For each personality type, they have four dominant cognitive functions.

extrovert thinkingextrovert thinking
introverted intuitionintrovert recognition
extrovert recognitionextroverted intuition
introverted feelingintroverted feeling

You'll quickly find that ENTJs and ESTJs share their first and last roles. However, the two intermediate functions are different.

Let's discuss what these cognitive functions mean and how they affect the behavior of these two types.

extrovert thinking

Both ESTJs and ENTJs use extroverted thinking as their primary function. This feature helps these guys to think and logically organize their lives. Your Tea also helps them set goals.

Since this is a reasoning function, it helps both types calculate their odds and chances of succeeding in their goals. It is also the role that allows ESTJs and ENTJs to lead people successfully.

Ni vs Si

Here is the first major difference between the two types. For their second function, ENTJs use introverted intuition. This feature allows them to find the right dots or patterns needed to achieve their goals.

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Su Ni plays the role of Te's supporter as he relies on internalized theories and instincts to make important decisions.

The ESTJ, on the other hand, uses introvert detection as its second function. This feature allows the ESTJ to draw on past experience when making decisions.

This means ESTJs make decisions based on what has worked well in the past.

yes versus no

ENTJs use Se as their third function. This feature allows ENTJs to connect with their environment. So expect ENTJs to be big fans of exercise. You may also like to play sports or go for a walk in the park.

However, since this is her third role, ENTJs will use her less as her supporting lead role.

ESTJs, on the other hand, use Ne as the third function. This feature allows them to express their ideas and possibilities. So expect ESTJs to be vocal about what they think. They can be very blunt about how they feel.

introverted feeling

Introverted feeling deals primarily with internalized feelings and beliefs. Therefore, ENTJs and ESTJs rely on their own personal beliefs when considering matters related to emotion, religion, or morality.

Fi also comes into play when they need to comfort people. They feel their pain deeply and as a mirror of themselves. This allows them to comfortably put themselves in the shoes of others.

ENTJ vs ESTJ- Love and romantic relationship

ENTJ love

ENTJs approach relationships with a sense of loyalty. Once they commit to a relationship, it becomes extremely difficult for them to walk away.

They want to take care of their partners and give them the best. If you are married to or dating an ENTJ, you can expect them to defend you with everything they have.

Trust is also important for ENTJs. They trust their partners completely and want them to do the same. Therefore, breaking the ENTJ's trust in a relationship can be fatal.

ENTJs also have some struggles to deal with in a relationship. Your need to treat every problem as a problem that needs a solution often comes back to bite the ENTJ. In situations where their partners simply want comfort, ENTJs may prefer to develop multiple ideas on how to resolve them.

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ENTJs can also be quite callous in a relationship. Their need for logic often makes their partners feel unloved. However, if an ENTJ marries a thinker, this issue could be negligible.

The natural partner of an ENTJ is the INTP. They are also compatible with ISTP and INTJ.

You can expect your ENTJ's love language to bephysical contactjquality time.

It is love

ESTJs are not the type to fall in love instantly. They can be practical and slow to make decisions about their love life.

However, once the ESTJ has made up their minds, they can become the best partners in the world. They will be supportive and very loyal. They make their partners feel comfortable and safe. This will be your top priority.

However, there will be some difficulties in a relationship with ESTJs. Just like ENTJs, they are very logical types. This means that they address their relationship to logic. If they have a sensor type, this can be difficult to understand.

Their need to rely on past experiences also means they are often unwilling to be adventurous and spontaneous. When you're with a spontaneous partner, this can easily become a problem.

The natural partner of the ESTJ is the ISTP. They are also compatible with ISFJ and ISTP

You can expect ESTJ love to be a combination of quality time andfiles of sService

ENTJ vs ESTJ- How can you tell them apart? - Personality hunt (1)

ENTJ vs. ESTJ - Population

ENTJs make up about 2% of the total population. This makes them one of the top 3 rarest personality types. 1% of the world population is an ENT woman. To learn more about itENT women, you can click this link.

ESTJs, on the other hand, are much more popular than ENTJs. They make up 9% of the world's population. 6% of the world population are ESTJ women.

ESTJ vs. ENTJ – Enneagram Type

Laut Heidi Priebe, HNO haa joint probability of being written as enneagram 3 and enneagram 8.These are the two main types of Enneagrams available to the ENTJ. This makes sense since Type 8 people have similar cognitive functions as ENT people.

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ESTJs are more likely to spell Enneagram 8 than any other type. This is closely followedTyp 1,Typ 3, jtyp 6.

ENTJ vs ESTJ- in the workplace and career


ENTJs are workaholics. You're the MBTI guy who takes charge. This means they work best in jobs where they are part of management.

They can make difficult decisions in a business environment and communicate directly with their employees. Most people find working with ENTJs inspiring because of their leadership and management skills.

To get the best out of ENTJs in the workplace, you need to give them responsibility for others. You can perform management tasks with precision and accuracy.

Here are some career opportunities for the ENTJ

  • entrepreneur
  • CEO
  • finance director
  • financial analyst
  • estate agents
  • Senior Staff
  • Blogger
  • freelancer

These are some races that we should avoid

  • Maestro
  • Social worker
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nurse
  • legal assistant
  • administrative staff


ESTJs place a high value on work ethic and proper execution of tasks. They are happy to take on grunt work as long as it helps them achieve their goals.

The difference between ESTJ and ENTJ in the workplace is the ESTJ's need for creative thinking and the ESTJ's need to rely on prior experience.

While both strive for management, organizations led by both types will take a very different approach to finding solutions.

To get the best out of ESTJs, be sure to assign them a role that allows them to handle the daily hustle and bustle of the workplace. Nobody is more adept at making sure everyone knows what's expected of them.

Here are career opportunities for ESTJs

  • Physician
  • Physician
  • CEO
  • entrepreneur
  • Director
  • legal assistant
  • Richter
  • Pharmacist
  • dentist
  • clergy

Here are some careers ESTJs should avoid

(Video) The COMPLETE Guide to Spotting an ENTJ | How to Tell if You're Talking to an ENTJ

  • psychologist
  • Social worker
  • writer
  • Photo
  • Musician
  • Actor
  • social scientist
  • Poet

ENTJ vs. ESTJ – Childhood


Even as children, ENTJs become very independent. Your need to be strong and trust yourself is evident from an early age. This means that attempts to control them are resisted.

This usually causes friction between ENT children and their parents. They are also very logical as children. They want to know why things work the way they work and if they can be changed.

If you have an ENTJ child, you should raise them with love.


ESTJ children grow up with a sense of duty or responsibility. This becomes even clearer when they are the firstborn. They are willing to take on tasks that may seem difficult and they grow quickly.

They use their logical and practical nature to ensure their tasks are carried out efficiently.

ESTJ vs ENTJ – Dealing with the Separation

ESTJs are one of the slowest ways to fall in love. But when they do, they give it their all. That's why they don't like to end relationships. For them, it's more of a sign of failure. So they blame themselves.

When ESTJs have a traumatic experience with previous relationships, it can take them a long time to start a new relationship.

ENTJs are pretty similar in the way they handle breakups. They are very loyal and supportive. So they try to find ways to make things work. Even if it means changing them, ENT patients might consider it.

When a relationship is really over, it can take ENTJs a while to really get over the person. It takes you even longer to be in another relationship.

So what do you think? Are you an ENTJ or an ESTJ?

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