FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (ranked from best to best) (2023)

Healers have always been a staple of JRPGs and MMORPGs, and Final Fantasy XIV was no exception. Healers have played an important role in Eorzea's warfare system since the beginning of A Realm Reborn. They are needed to keep the party alive and resurrect those who died in battle.

A healer's role in a group, as the name suggests, is to heal the group members. Healers, on the other hand, need to manage their rotation to not heal too much while dealing damage to the enemy. In fact, if the healer doesn't deal any damage in high-level attacks, the team as a whole won't be able to defeat the boss's wrath.

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This is why, especially for those new to healing in FFXIV, selecting the appropriate healer can be critical. This article will describe the strengths of healers, as well as the type of player each healer is best suited for.

4. White Wizard

FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (ranked from best to best) (1)

The White Mage is the first pure healer in the game, who is very strong in his heals.

White Mage is the only healer playable from the start of the game at character creation, starting as a Conjurer in Gridania and progressing to White Mage at level 30.

What White Mage excels at:

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  • Very strong pure healing. White mages are very good healers when it comes to healing the party member who is low on HP and wants to recover it quickly before the next attack.
  • White Mage's strongest healing ability, Blessing, can instantly heal any party member's health instantly, which is great for Tank Busters.
  • Medica II is a very strong AoE healing spell that will also regenerate party members, which can quickly heal them over time.
  • Bell Liturgy grants Liturgy Bell stacks that will heal all party members when hit for an impressive 400 healing power, and any remaining stacks that don't deplete will also heal the party member for a massive 200 healing power.
  • High DPS damage. Afflatus Misery is a very strong AoE and unique attack that deals incredible damage to mobs and bosses. Furthermore, White Mage's normal AoE attack, Holy, will also stun the mobs and allow the rest of the party members to hit them without worrying about getting hit for a certain amount of time.

White Mage Utility Score: 90/100

3. sage

FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (ranked from best to best) (2)

Sage is the newest Shield Healer introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

Sage is the newest healer in the game, joining the Reaper's fighter role in the Endwalker expansion. Players will be able to play the Sage at level 70 after obtaining the fight job, which reduces the amount of work required.

What Sage excels at:

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Have a lot of regeneration, as well as shields that can help heal allies and protect them from further damage.

  • Many of his healing abilities can be cast instantly, which is great for instantly putting shields on everyone before a general attack, or for trying to quickly heal dying members of your party.
  • Strong single target healing and AoE skills. Kardia, Soteria, Krasis, Taurochole and Haima are very good spells and abilities that can be cast instantly between spell casts to quickly heal tanks.
  • His AoE heals and shields like Holos, Panhaima, Physis can be cast instantly which will be able to heal and protect the Sage's party members quickly.
  • Very high DPS, both for single and AoE. His AoE skills that can also deal heavy damage to enemies, such as Toxikon and Phlegma, as well as Pneuma, which also deal Massive AoE damage, are also very strong and can help turn the tide of battle.

Sage Utility Score: 92/100

2. Scholar

FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (ranked from best to best) (3)

The scholar is the first shield healer in the game before the sage arrives.

Scholar, like the White Mage, is a healer who has been around since the days of A Realm Reborn. However, they must start as an arcanist, a DPS class, before progressing to scholar at level 30.

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What does the student excel at:

  • Very strong shields that can help protect your party members from harm. His shields are the strongest compared to other healers and can absorb more damage.
  • Expedient grants all party members the ability to walk quickly and reduce damage taken by 10%. While fast walking might seem pointless at first glance, it's extremely useful in high-level raids where party members need to quickly get to their seats to resolve the mechanic.
  • Many healing shields that can be cast instantly, similar to Sage. This allows a scholar to quickly place shields on their allies such as Fey Illumination, Lustrate, Sacred Soil, Fey Blessing, Summon Seraph, and many more.
  • Chain Stratagem is also a group utility provided by Scholars that will place a debuff on the boss and allow party members to have a higher critical rate and allow more critical damage to the boss, increasing the damage taken by them.

Academic Usefulness Score: 94/100

1. Astrologer

FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (ranked from best to best) (4)

Astrologer's incredible Limit Break 3.

Astrologian is the first healer released after the release of the main game, notably in the Heavensward expansion, which makes three of these healers available to all free trial players except Sage.

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Which astrologer excels at:

  • The Astrologer is a very strong regeneration healer that has a lot of utility and skills that set him apart from the rest of the healers. His card system can be tricky for beginners and he has a high ceiling skill, making Astrologian a difficult job to master but extremely rewarding when done successfully.
  • All Astrologian cards provide damage buffs to your party members, with The Ballance, The Arrow, and The Spear best suited for melee DPS and tanks, and The Bole, The Ewer, and The Spire being best for Ranged DPS and Healers .
  • Divination significantly increases the damage done by the group, and Astrodyne also grants the astrologer many abilities, depending on what cards he has played and how many arcane seals he has. Astrodyne can allow an Astrologer to cast faster and heal more.
  • Extremely strong healing skills. Neutral Sect increases healing power by 20% and also allows an astrologer to grant regeneration and protection with an Aspected Helios, which can help heal and protect the party in one quick spell.
  • Macrocosm deals damage to all enemies and also heals all party members based on the damage they took during Macrocosm's buff. This will allow an astrologer to test many mechanics that require extremely difficult healing checks, such as P3S body count.
  • Earthly Star is a huge healing field that can literally cover the entire attack field and will heal party members and also damage all enemies within the field with Stellar Detonation.

Astrologer Utility Score: 98/100

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