FFXIV Eureka Orthos Guide - Everything you need to know (2023)

If you have no idea what a deep dungeon isFFX IVI really can't complain. After all, there were only two in the game, with the last one being released in May 2018. If your goal is to dive into the Eureka Orthos as quickly as possible, we've put together this guide for you that explains it all. From what the resource is, how to unlock it, what all those weird words (Protomanders, Demiclones, etc.) mean, and what kind of rewards you can expect, we've got you covered.

What is Eureka Orthos?

Eureka Orthos is a deep dungeon like the Palace of the Dead or Heaven on High. Unlike those, however, it is aimed at high-level players and is significantly more difficult. You start on floor 1 and go higher and higher, with the difficulty increasing as you go. While getting to floor 60 isn't too difficult of a task in the others, Eureka actually has a floor cap of 30 before forcing you to skip it with a pre-made party.

Each floor in Eureka Orthos is a random mix of rooms and enemy encounters. Your group can handle this in any order, trying to find any treasure and the exit to the next floor. Every ten floors you will encounter a boss monster, but you may also encounter tougher enemies called Dread Beasts.

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How to unlock Eureka Orthos

Once you're at level 81, have completed Endwalker, and cleared the 50th floor of the Palace of the Dead, you cango to Mor Dhona to unlock Eureka Orthos.

How to Get to Eureka Orthos

The entrance to Eureka Orthos is located in Eight Sentinels, through the Crystal Gate inMor Dhona (X: 34.8, Y: 19.2).Once unlocked, you can fast travel by talking to Burnel inMor Dhona (X: 21.8, Y: 8.1)to fast travel from near the aetheryte.


How many floors are there?

There are 100 floors at Eureka Orthos, but only floors 1-30 are accessible for combined groups. If you want to go higher, you will have to set up a fixed group in the group finder or with friends. The good news is that the story content ends on the 30th floor, anything after that is purely for the challenge and rewards.

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How to navigate on the map

The floors are randomly generated and your party will need to find and activate the Passage Pylon on each floor. Activating it is as simple as killing enough enemies on the ground to power it up. The Pylon of Passage is shown as a key on your minimap. It will be white with a blue glow when turned on. Gold, silver and bronze chests will also show up on your map. The final icon is the Pestle of Return, which is also activated by defeating enemies.


Speaking of the Return Pylon, this is a method of resurrecting knocked out party members. Your healer can revive party members of course, but if you lose access to them, this is the way to bring them back to life.

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Strengthening your character

Even if you are level 90, Eureka Orthos will start at level 81. As you kill enemies and bosses in the dungeon, you will gain XP and level up to 90. This level is completely separate from your level outside of the dungeon (although earn XP for the class you log in with). All XP gained is fixed and does not change based on party size or level difference.

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Your equipment stats don't matter either, just like in the other deep dungeons. Instead of using your gear score, item level, and stats, deep dungeons use etherpool weapons and armor that start at +1 and (sometimes) get stronger when you open silver chests.

Getting stronger in Eureka Orthos is to level up to 90 and max out your etherpool levels. Aetherpool gear level is maintained throughout Eureka runs, which means you can grind lower levels to upgrade to higher floors. The maximum strength of the aetherpool team is +99.

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For Eureka Orthos, Square Enix renamed the Pomanders as Protomanders. You can find these consumables in golden chests, which hold three at a time. The inventory is shared by the whole group.

Each of these Protomanders provides a temporary buff, such as revealing the entire floor, turning the user into a strong monster, or decreasing damage taken.


When enemies drop Silver Chests, there is a chance that there is a Demiclone Generator inside. Using one of these summons an NPC to fight alongside the player who activated the tomestone. As with the Protomanders, you can only have three at a time.

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To learn more about each of the three different Demiclones and when it is best to use them, visit our dedicated websiteFFXIV Demiclones Guide!


The floors of Eureka Orthos are littered with invisible traps that activate when stepped on. Some are simple Earthminds, which explode and distribute around 80% of their HP to nearby players. Others can suddenly spawn nearby enemies, turn you into a toad, or silence you for 30 seconds.

floor effects

There is a chance that each floor has an enchantment. The auto-heal debuff completely disables HP regeneration. The incapacitation completely disables the use of abilities. Others are less inconvenient and simply reduce accuracy, disable sprinting, or disable recoils.

Not all ground effects are bad, however there are only a few that increase HP or reduce cooldown.

treasure chests

There are three types of treasure chests: gold, silver, and bronze.

  • Gold Vault:It can contain a protomander, but it can also be a deadly Mimic.
  • Silver Vault:It can ignite your etherpool gun or etherpool equipment or it can explode, dealing damage to everyone nearby.
  • Bronze Vault:It can produce normal items like potions or etherpool shards from Orthos.

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cursed treasure

There is actually a fourth type of vault called Cursed Treasure. These hard-to-find chests are invisible and only appear if you stay at their location for a few seconds. This is obviously hard to do in huge dungeons, but it can happen by accident. You're much more likely to find them by activating a Protomander of Intuition than revealing them.

Depending on which floor you are on, you will receive either a Bronze Dyed Bag, a Silver Dyed Bag, or a Gold Dyed Bag. After leaving Orthos, take them to Valeroine inMor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.1)to find out what's inside.

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In addition to the aforementioned cursed treasure bags, Eureka Orthos has some built-in rewards. The most attractive reward is probably the Orthos weapons themselves, which can only be obtained by sacrificing ten levels of your etherpool arm and etherpool gear. But you can also earn Orthos Aetherpool Shards and exchange them for Materia IX and Xs, a piece of furniture, and some frame kits. The summary node inMor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.0)is where you bring it.

Looking for all the unique rewards like mounts, minions and more? go to ourEureka Orthos Reward Guide!

If your class is at level 90, you will receive the following:

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  • Piso 10
    • 10 Allagan Tomestones da Poética
    • 20 Allagan astronomy tomestones
    • 5 Cornerstones of Allagan's Causation
    • 1.000 guiles
  • Piso 20
    • 20 Allagan Tomestones da Poética
    • 40 Allagan astronomy tomestones
    • 10 Cornerstones of Allagan's Causation
    • 1.500 guiles
  • 30th floor and beyond
    • 30 tomestones from Allagan's poetry
    • 60 Allagan astronomy tomestones
    • 15 Cornerstones of Allagan's Causality
    • 2.000 guiles

If you haven't reached max level yet, the rewards are a bit different:

  • Piso 10
    • 10 Allagan Tomestones da Poética
    • Experience
    • 1.000 guiles
  • Piso 20
    • 20 Allagan Tomestones da Poética
    • Experience
    • 1.500 guiles
  • 30th floor and beyond
    • 30 tomestones from Allagan's poetry
    • Experience
    • 2.000 guiles


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