FFXIV Eureka Orthos Guide: Unlock Location, Boss Strategies, Rewards, Lore & More (2023)

March 10, 2023:We've updated our boss guides and loot tables. Check out our tips for taking on Gancanagh, Cloning Node, Tiamat, Twintania, Chimera, Minotaur, and more.

A new deep dungeon has finally arrivedFinal Fantasy XIV. If you want to make your mark on the challenging and varied PVE content, follow our progress.Guia FFXIV Eureka Orthosto learn about the quirks and rewards.


With Shadowbringers omitting what has almost become a series tradition, Endwalker brings dungeon crawling back to the forefront, giving us new ways to level up, new loot to run for, and dozens of hours of content for hardcore players to enjoy. . in.

For more FFXIV guides, check outhow to unlock alisaie's hairstyle, heConcentrador FFXIV 6.3, it is oursEuphrosyne Raid Guideif you haven't already dove into the ultimate 24-man fight. And for a longer read, check out ourFFXIV Developer Interview. We talked about the huge success of Crystalline Conflict and the PVP inspiration for the game.

What is Eureka Orthos?

Eureka Othos is the latest 'Deep Dungeon' content to hit FFXIV, following Palace of the Dead in Heavensward and Heaven-on-High during the days of Stormblood.

The objective is to go through as many floors as possible without getting wiped. Collect and use unique weapons, armor and items as you go, with luck, risk assessment and skill all contributing to your chances of success.

While you only have to go through a certain number of floors to enjoy the story, attempts to reach the top floor (solo or in a squad) have become an entire subgenre of content, with a place on the leaderboards on the FFXIV website. the main objective.


How to unlock Eureka Orthos

You can unlock Eureka Orthos by taking the Koh Rabntah quest “Dig Into Myth” in Mor Dhona. You'll find it at coordinates X:21.8 Y:8.1.

In order to view the quest, you will need to be on a quest level 81 or higher and have completed the beginning Endwalker MSQ from patch 6.0 and completed the 50th floor of the Palace of the Dead.

How many floors does Eureka Orthos have?

Eureka Orthos has a total of 100 floors. 30 of them are linked to the story, with subsequent floors only serving as a challenge for those who want to continue. They are also good for gaining EXP at the outer level of the class you enter.

You can explore down to the ground during the unlock mission. After that, you'll want to head back to Koh Rabntah to accept the Rage Extinguished quest, which instructs you to explore up to floor 100. With that cleared, you'll be able to accept the Orthos Unveiled quest for the current completion.


(Video) FFXIV | All New Deep Dungeon: Eureka Orthos Rewards & How to Get Them

How to return to Eureka Orthos

Really don't want to make the long trip from Revenent's Toll to Eight Sentinels in the southeast corner? You do not have to do this. There is a shortcut you can use once you've officially unlocked the Eureka Orthos.

To quickly return to the entrance to Eureka Orthos, just teleport to Revenent's Toll (Mor Dhona) and look for Burnel. They'll be a little west under the lamppost, just like Roh was before you started the unlock quest. He will take you directly there.

What happens if you get clean on Eureka Orthos?

If your entire team is incapacitated at the same time in Eureka Orthos, you will be forced to leave the Deep Dungeon.

You'll lose all your progress on this ten-story journey, which means you'll start on the floor following the last boss you eliminated. So if you clear on the 30th floor, you'll start over on the 21st. But if you clear the 20th floor and clear on the 21st, you'll start on the 21st.

What level do you start at Eureka Orthos?

Eureka Orthos will start you at level 81, regardless of your level upon entry. It's a great way to get a feel for a class you haven't leveled up yet. The accelerated EXP rate means it's a good way to quickly test the rotation of any class you might be at 80 and not sure you want to level up more.

You will gain EXP relative to your actual class level for every ten floors you clear. This is repeatable, so it's a good way to level up classes while consuming new content.

What are the Eureka Orthos rewards?

Mounts, minions, music, and Triple Triad cards are par for the course in Eureka Orthos. Maybe some new fashion accessories, some glam and a hairstyle and gesture. The normal. It's hard to get a full loot table early on, but the Cursed Treasure rewards are what you're after most.

These are gacha-style loot boxes that you'll find inside the dungeon and can only open when you exit. Rewards are completely random, with better rewards such as mounts and minions having lower drop rates.


How to find cursed treasures in Eureka Orthos

Cursed Treasures in Eureka Orthos work the same as they do in Deep Dungeon content like Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.

Not every floor has a cursed treasure to find. And since they're completely invisible until you accidentally step on one, there's little chance of encountering one naturally unless you purposely stomp every bit of land you can, risking the wrath of traps, debuffs, and dungeons. stopwatch. .

The best way to find accused treasures is to open chests of gold and hope to find a Protomander of Intuition. Casting this means the next available Cursed Treasure will glow, making it much easier to find. The effect persists across floors until you open one.

Once you have a cursed treasure, simply talk to the NPC between Khatun and the synth node outside the dungeon to open it. You can accumulate cursed treasures between races if you want to open them all at once.

Eureka Orthos' Cursed Treasure Table

Here's an ongoing look at the loot that can drop from Accursed Hoards in Eureka Orthos.



What do Eureka Orthos weapons look like?

Once you've gained enough levels in your Eureka Orthos weapons, you'll be able to use them for external use. Check out the video above to see what they look like. We will add images later.

Eureka Orthos Boss Strategies: Gancanagh, Cloning Node, and More

Eureka Orthos blocks your path with a unique boss every ten floors. And unlike other bosses, defeating them means losing all your progress on the last ten floors.


While going blind adds tension that makes winning even sweeter, removing a mechanic you just can't master fast enough can be annoying. Especially if it happens again on your next run. Read on to find out how to defeat bosses or Eureka Orthos and what to watch out for.

Gancanagh - Eureka Orthos piso 10 jefe strat

The first boss of Eureka Orthos, which is on the 10th floor, is very difficult. Spam the same three mechanics is a relatively predictable way.

You'll notice nine more Gancanaghs placed evenly across the arena floor. They are essentially bombs that the boss detonates everywhere. If there are standards set here, they are not important. You'll have plenty of time to get out of range of its small blast radius.

Just DPS Gancanagh down while looking at your cast bars. When you cast an Authoritative Shriek, about four mines will be electrically charged. Just hug any of the idlers to avoid.

The only other spell Gancanagh will channel is a proximity-based hit that you want to stay as far away from as possible. Heal up shortly after, while Gancanagh carries all the bombs on the battlefield to each of the three lanes shortly after.


They explode in a row, so remember that the marker counts each one and hug a mine with three dots on top. It will explode in the end. Assuming the middle row is always set to explode first, just move to hug those bombs when they explode and you'll avoid them all.

Clone Node - Eureka Orthos 20th floor strat boss

Cloning Node can be a bit tricky and quite unforgiving. It lures the tubeless Clone Shield Dragons surrounding the arena onto the battlefield early on and periodically channels sets of them to unleash Conal Flame Breath attacks across the map.

They come in a few different patterns, indicated by the tethers between the boss and the soon-to-be active clones along the edge.

Sometimes the boss only joins a select few. You can easily avoid them by parking between two tied up or hugging one that isn't. It's all a matter of mentally calculating where cones and linear AOEs might intersect.

Things get tough every time the boss decides to rope in more clones than not. You'll have to work quickly to find a spot that isn't about to get hit by a dragon. The farther you move away from a tethered dragon, the bigger your cone swing.


(Video) FFXIV Eureka Orthos Guide - How To Solo Floors 1 To 30

The easiest way to do this is to see which Clone Shield Dragons are not linked. Embrace an untied between two tethered and you should dodge things pretty easily.

Like the last boss, if you see Cloned Shield Dragons tied in a row, embrace one that is set to explode second adjacent to a set to explode first. Just move it in place of the first one when it resolves.

Tiamat Clone - Eureka Orthos Floor 30 Boss Strat

We're not quite there yet, but we're starting to hear all about it from the community.

In short, this one only uses three distinct skills that you should be aware of, which are very reminiscent of dragon-based boss battles.

  • when tomorrow
    • Summons a circular AOE that slowly chases its target. Don't let him touch you.
  • dark dragon tail
    • Hit in front of and behind the boss in a linear fashion (move to any side)
  • dark dragon wing


  • Hit the boss's left and right flank (go to the middle)

Basically, you just want DPS from this one while keeping an eye on the skill he casts. Stand in the middle if you cast WyrmWING and move to the sides if you cast WyrmTAIL.

You might need to keep an eye on allies if you need to change positions while Whei Morn is chasing you, so everyone needs to pay close attention.

The other major part of this is how often Tiamat summons walls of floating dragon heads. At first they will line up behind the boss. Just look for an opening and line up with it as they pass.

This sort of thing will repeat itself from different directions throughout the fight, but you'll need to do a quick dash to avoid running into the area attacks that blanket the arena while dodging some of them. It's not too hard to practice, but it will keep you on edge.

Twintania Clone - Eureka Orthos Floor 40 Boss Strat

Long after his appearance as the final boss of the first raid tier in A Realm Reborn, many of Twintania's abilities were repurposed for this fight. And that's bad news.


  • Twisted Dive (diving bombs)
    • Throws an AOE line as well as tongue twisters. Just keep moving to avoid it. I'll probably save Sprint for that.
  • Tornado
    • Keep moving as the plaster comes off. Tornadoes will spawn and move across the arena. Touching one almost certainly means death.

Staying alert is an important factor in this fight. You can't use spells like Surecast to negate a tornado's recoil, and while hitting the wall won't kill you like old times, it will rack up some mighty damage on you over time.

Chimera servomecânica 14X - Eureka Orthos piso 50 boss strat

This one draws heavily from the chimera fight from Cutter's Cry. Use thunder and ice attacks to force him to react in different ways. The spell's word order dictates how you should react, but you can get a general idea by breaking them down into the following:

  • Thunder(Doughnut/AOE at a distance)
    • Goes into.
  • Is it(AOE Melee)
    • To go out.

In practice, the boss uses both in a single spell, but their order is different. See below:

(Video) FFXIV: A Guide to Eureka in 2023

  • song of thunder and ice
    • Log in and then log out.


  • A Song of Ice and Thunder
    • Exit, then enter.

The 14X Servo Chimera also uses several other similarly themed abilities. Then there's Cocophony, which launches the ball in slow motion towards the tethered player, much like Cutter's Cry Chimera. Just keep it away from the squad until it explodes on its own.

  • thunderous cold
    • Run towards a goal. Enter, then exit.
  • cold thunder
    • Run towards a goal. Exit, then go back inside.
  • left breath thunder
    • Throws thunder to the left of the boss. Move right.
  • right breath thunder
    • Throws thunder to the right of the boss. Move left.

Servomecánico Minotaur 16 - Eureka Orthos piso 60 boss strat

According to the few who managed to take on this beast, there's only one great mechanic to look out for: Octuple Swipe.

This skill telegraphs eight strikes. But they are not resolved at the same time. Instead, the first four always hit up, down, left, then right. The final set either repeats the same pattern or reverses it left, right, down, up.

Unknown prototype: Eureka Orthos Floor 70 Boss Strat


We'll have a guide for that (and a name) soon.

Proto-Kaliya - Eureka Orthos piso 80 jefe strat

We'll have a guide for that (and a name) soon.

Administrator - Eureka Orthos Floor 90 Boss Strat

We'll have a guide for that (and a name) soon.

Excalibur - Eureka Orthos piso 99 boss strat

We'll have a guide for that (and a name) soon.


(Video) Final Fantasy XIV - Eureka Orthos - Full Story

Eureka Orthos Dread Beasts – Effects, benefits and how to kill

You will randomly encounter very threatening mobs on your journey through Eureka Orthos. It is recommended that you learn all about them simply to avoid them. But if you're willing to take risks with big rewards, there's a way. They are usually covered in a bright red aura, so be careful with that. And yes, they can spawn on Floor 1.

Dread Beasts hits hard and carries a real takedown risk. Each offers a different benefit if you die. This is what we know so far:

  • Demi-Cochma
    • Can hit around 27k per attack
    • Grants a strong defense buff
    • It can be killed by using a Protomander of Storms to reduce it to 1 HP and attacking before counterattacking.
  • queen lamia
  • meracidio opening
  • scary beast

We'll certainly have a lot more to say about the FFXIV Eureka Orthos rewards soon. We'll be sure to give you tips on clearing floors, the best items to grab, and the boss strategies you'll need to save a run. Check out the release again, but here's how to getManderville relic weaponswhile you're at it. A new step is coming with this patch.


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