Football player with bags, Harry styles in clothes: The designer changes the way men dress (2023)

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Hay smiley,Lojo, so slightly burned by the sun that sits in front of a coffee in eastern London with its striped shirt and brown shorts and enjoy a breakfast lemonade: "I fast", not so much Shibboleth-Buster, but there are studiesmore detailed.The necklace.

As a long -standing stylist of the world -famous Harry (styles), the least known Harry Lambert, has worked to challenge conventional ideas about masculinity.Correct has the right to a deliberate management thrust."We simply do it because it is fun because it is fun is crazy because it is unforgettable. We are in this privileged place where everyone is expected to be daring and different; being a bit crazy."

But together, the two Harrys consciously or unconsciously questioned what it means, and especially a man in the 21st century.They are the reason why a teenager of my acquaintances who lives in a heteronormative world of Nike, is a pearl chain, is also the reason why the child's 18 -year sister, Edie, who is owned by the majorityFrom his life for the styles of English-actor singer, he does not see separation between the masculinity of Schwonoms and a preference for a boa of feathers (in the family kitchen there. It is a neckline of the life cardboard of the styles, one of the typical boasThe star is covered around the neck).

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What Lambert, and the styles, motivate is only the stylist, "very happy, very happy, positive, camp. His recovery quickly became a challenge with a Tictok challenge, which many saw through the blockade, among no lessby Edies Nanny Gill.

Football player with bags, Harry styles in clothes: The designer changes the way men dress (1)

His concerts have also become a fashion moment for participants who have often made great efforts to capture a style set.How he opted for an interpreter whose recent concerts were of the title.Love on the tourThe mood, says Edie, is not competitive, but solemn.


Harry Styles 'Brother shows golf.Is it the reason why there was more than a left fashion touch on some of the 100 different looks that have used styles in the street?"Yes. He plays a lot of golf."Harry Lambert of his most famous client.


They started working together in 2014 when Styles was still part of the One Direction Band, but rumors were on a solo career.In his Cowboy Camp camp volume, one of the stylist's personal favorites to a red bodysus surrounded, Dener wore the video for his singleAs was.

I proudly present my cod analysis of this video, in which the styles in the opening scene wore a red cape and surrounded by other anonymous layers is Bolan [of the band T. Rex of the 1970s].

The stylist politely rules out my narrative similar to Pygmalion."He is never so aware of being honest. I don't think" a statement is "or" that will say. "He really dedicates himself to what works."

Until now, so glamorous, although with a cleaner and Next door delivery, but what is really different is the degree to which the worldview of the styles-Lambert-Saractorial has entered the main and deepest prejudices about the challenged genre challenged.



Once Upon a timeThe men did not have to restrict what they were wearing.

"Among other things, he became a man somewhere to dress as clearly as possible."

This changes, ours is a world in which Brad Pitt will now appear in a skirt on the red carpet, and Lambert is one of the people who have caused this change. "Now it's good. Do I think girl? 'I am agay man, so I don't know, but after what I can seeLove IslandOr something, it is interesting because children know about Balenciaga.They know about Prada.And are interested in manic doors.They are interested in care.They are interested in everything that is seen.They think, girls find the attractive. "

Football player with bags, Harry styles in clothes: The designer changes the way men dress (2)

Styles is not the only Lambert presentation card in this regard, his work with Dominic Calvert-Lewin, footballer Everton and England, is innovative in a similar way.SandmanLast year in a skirt, but in an almost disappointing fact, the short ones, things were to a certain extent that even Lambert had not expected."He had husbands of friends who wrote to me an SMS: 'Oh my God, he is inTalksportAnd discuss this cover. "

The player is, says the stylist, "a new generation of man who simply loves clothes and does not shit, what someone thinks."He tells me, like everyone in his team they say: "Oh, that's simply domain. He."Even Lambert does not attempt to submit the importance of the lack of carefree compliance with Calvert-Lewin in a sphere that tends to see such a simple perspective about masculinity that still treats problems such as homophobia.


"Yes, it's huge. I don't think it's the scope and toxic as toxic, but Dominic will take a Chanel bag. It's not that he deliberately try to say something. I think it really comes from a place of expression and fun."


From what is worth, Calvert-Lewin is not gay.Styles was in a relationship with actress's director Olivia Wilde.I have many people who now ask me to wear them, ”is actor Eddie Redmayne, who is also heterosexual and debut in his new Lambert.He provided views to the Toronto International Film Festival in September, I just want to work with people who really love clothes. "

Two other clients are Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin, who won a brave fame when the young Prince Carlos and Lady DianaThe crowns.Corrin now uses "you/she", pronouns that are professionally managed by Lambert while we talk.Corrin has exceeded a completely different series of aesthetic limits with the help of the stylist until a creation of globe with other Irish from northern Ireland designer Jw Anderson, this time for Loewe-In The Olivier Awards."It is a really exciting trip that we are going together and we discover how Emma wants to be, since the woman Emma wants to be interesting."

Football player with bags, Harry styles in clothes: The designer changes the way men dress (3)

Lambert always loved clothes."But if you were a teenager, the word Prada or Givenchy had said, I would have no idea what it was."Although I looked back, I think it was more a "gay" prize. He says with a smile.

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"I only left at the age of 27," he continues."It's strange. I mean, everyone knew it more likely, but I felt very, too late."He lives with his partner, a fashion -Pra, in OST -London and it is a house shortly before the reach of an apartment.“There will be a room of wardrobe.It is the dream.At the moment it is a bit painful. "



Today he works as a man of wing styles with mega brands like Gucci.Gucci hasThe collection is a connection between the creative director of Alessandro Michele and Stile Label.

Lambert also works on his own label of The Singer, pleasant and styles the hypit British Men's Sely SS Daley.The "male fashion" has a great response during many millennials, not to mention a series of luxury brands in Thrall to, for example, has introduced more and more collections in recent years that could be better described as independent of sex.

Football player with bags, Harry styles in clothes: The designer changes the way men dress (4)

I say LambertHow happy it makes me see young men in London who use pink, use flowers and use nail polish.From Valentino, who is married to children, he had a manicure and black jewels.That is called so many men of my generation or greater feel astonished or left in the other;Sometimes a little of both.

How does the older man find some of Lambert's very appropriate dresses for himself?"I look at my father and, you know, I see that he enjoys the way he dresses," is his answer."Dad has all my old clothes.


LambertPotatoHe is a former policeman if he wonders if someone who wore leather pants in his inactivity time grew like his son.

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"My two parents always liked having disguised. And obviously helps my father having a fashionable son. It is a little more accessible to him. It is difficult for this generation. He has lost this rebirth of men. Is it too muchlate for them to change? Is it difficult for them to change? Probably. "

"It's hard for this generation. It's too late for changing? Is it difficult for you to change? Probably."

Lambert is the opinion that the use of older men in fashion advertising and editorial sessions, as for women, changes the dial."You have to be able to see yourself in this world, which makes it easier and more accessible."


Of course, he is someone who has the essentials to achieve this.He also has the power to increase the visibility of what he calls "large size", this is the right word.As a bigger guy, I go to these shows and sometimes it is a fear of the soul.Solid is disgusting.I'm sorry, it's really annoying.I look at some of them and I like "f ... demons! Where is the normal guy represented?"

And what did he change that?"Not enough. I, mine, is a slow process, but we have to start. I don't have enough to represent me in fashion."

Lambert has goneTo see his new coach after our conversation after finishing his lemonade breakfast.He is kind, and brutally, openly about his own defects.He laughs at how he is in one of his surprising photographic sessions, KFC will ask.

"People are always horrified that they have not provided what I want," he admits."" We can get you, "tell me. What can I say? I come from Norwich. It is not grown."

He is currently dealing with his new hair transplants, continues."They are in this phase when they fail and the new hair has not grown."When he lost his hair, he felt "shit and ugly and old. But this is.


I ask Lambert what it is like to spend so much time with the cheek to spend such personifications of male beauty with such personifications on male cheeks.There is a role in Dominic Calvert-Lewins Instagram, which shows, for example, the stylists who do.Do not reveal as much package and a 66 package in a large picture and footballer.

Your answer is moving."It's strange. I think, I think I've become deaf somehow.It's hard, you know?I live a little my dream through her.

"I can't wear these clothes, no matter how much I want. I don't have the body for that. I don't have my face for it. I live a slight imagination through Emma, through everyone. I could use that."

This is an edited extract of a story that was first published inThe Times Magazine.Copyright News Licensing.

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Why did Harry Styles wear a dress on the cover of Vogue? ›

Being the first male to grace a Vogue cover solo, Harry wanted to celebrate this achievement by dressing up uniquely. According to Harry, his inclination to dress like every other person was not new. He confirmed that he has always had peculiar tastes in fashion since childhood.

Who designed Harry Styles clothes? ›

Harry Styles in custom Arturo Obegero for his As It Was music video. Obegero grew up a fashion fan. He obsessively followed the runway shows, which led him to design school in Spain, and eventually to Central Saint Martins in the UK.

What does Harry Lambert do? ›

Harry Lambert (born 1987) is a British editorial and celebrity fashion stylist.

What is the appeal of Harry Styles? ›

His catchy, confessional lyrics, gender-neutral retro style, and upbeat, ineffable charm on stage have made him an icon. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter easily fills stadiums across the U.S. and beyond, and he soon will appear in several soon-to-be released films.

What did Liam say about Harry's clothes? ›

He continued, "I mean, look at the stuff I put out and the stuff Harry puts out. Polar opposite. I'm like the antichrist version of what Harry is."

Who attacked Harry Styles for wearing a dress? ›

Candace Owens has doubled down on her criticism of Harry Styles, renewing her calls to 'bring back manly men' days after she slammed the former One Direction star for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue.

Was Harry the first man to wear a dress on Vogue? ›

I guess what is up for debate is whether he deserved to be on the cover of Vogue showing off his gender-fluid fashion choices instead of Harry Styles, who became the first man to cover American Vogue almost a year ago — in a full-length dress.

What style does Harry Styles wear? ›

Never one to stick to a traditional shirt and pants, Styles has come to be known for his affinity of high waisted trousers, chunky necklaces, and sparkly boots and thanks to his close relationship with Gucci's Alessandro Michele, he never has to worry about running out of any of those.

What designer did Meghan Markle wear? ›

Wedding dress of Meghan Markle
DesignerClare Waight Keller
1 more row

How old is Harry Lambert stylist? ›

How did Harry Styles meet Harry Lambert? ›

Lambert was mostly styling magazine shoots and fashion shows when they were introduced to each other. He presented a wardrobe (“playful stuff, Gucci and JW Anderson, stuff like that”), and Styles agreed to give it a whirl.

How long has Harry Lambert been Harry Styles stylist? ›

Harry Lambert is one of the fashion industry's best-known stylists, in part down to his role in clothing Harry Styles. Lambert has been in the styling game for well over a decade and he was introduced to Styles just as the star was preparing to depart One Direction in 2015.

What do they call Harry Styles fans? ›

Harry Styles' fandom are called 'Stylers'.

What do Harry's tattoos mean? ›

Harry Styles. On his left bicep beside the pirate ship are several tattoos, including a black heart (no clue), three nails (no clue), a coat hanger (still no clue), a black star, a Green Bay Packers logo (he loves them), the word “hi,” and an English cookie related to his sister's name Gemma.

How did Harry Styles become so famous? ›

Styles became a member of One Direction in 2010, when the group came together to compete on the British music competition television show The X Factor. He later embarked on a career as a solo artist and actor, with forays into fashion.

Why did Liam pull down Harrys pants? ›

His cheeky band mate Liam Payne decided to pull a prank on the 19-year-old mid-song, pulling down his jeans to reveal his underwear to the audience at the sell-out gig.

Why can Harry not wear his uniform? ›

Prince Harry served for close to a decade in the British armed forces, but since he stepped down from his royal duties in 2020, Prince Harry is considered a non-working royal. Because of this, he cannot wear his military uniform and is not permitted to salute as other working members of the royal family did.

Why did Harry Styles wear a bandage on his wrist? ›

During an interview with Australian radio host Kent "Smallzy" Small the 23-year-old star sported a wrist bandage and revealed he had been suffering from "tight tendons", and so opted to have "a little bit of surgery on my wrist".

What did Candace Owens do to Harry Styles? ›

Conservative commentator Candace Owens, infamous for her bizarre, completely unprompted defense of Adolf Hitler, sparked a tiresome Twitter debate after criticizing Harry Styles, who dared to don a dress in his cover for Vogue. (The first man ever to appear alone on its cover in 128 years.)

What did Candace Owen say about Harry Styles? ›

There is no society that can survive without strong men,” Owens tweeted Saturday in response to Styles' groundbreaking photo shoot. “The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence,” she added.

What happened between Harry Styles and Candace Owens? ›

13, conservative author and commentator Candace Owens unleashed a tirade of social media posts berating Styles for his dress-wearing and the rest of society for allowing such an “outright attack” on “manly men.” She later followed up her original tweet — taking a break from tweeting conspiracies about the COVID-19 ...

Who was the first male to wear a dress on Vogue? ›

Since Harry Styles' became the first man to grace the cover of American Vogue alone almost one year ago -- and did so wearing a full-length dress -- the British singer has come to symbolize a new, more expressive era of men's fashion.

Why was Harry Styles Vogue cover controversial? ›

Candace Owens, a conservative author, labeled the Vogue Harry Styles Magazine cover as a steady feminization of contemporary males and urged for the return of “manly men.” Owens has often highlighted that the garment is too girly and not masculine enough.

Can men be on the cover of Vogue? ›

10 Times a Guy Has Landed a Vogue Magazine Cover, From Richard Gere to Harry Styles (Photos) In November 1992, actor Richard Gere became the first man to appear on the cover of the American fashion bible -- posing beside his supermodel wife at the time, Cindy Crawford.

What brand does Harry Styles wear? ›

Admiring Harry's Custom Gucci Wardrobe. It's Harry's House, we just live in it. Actually, so does Gucci. Harry Styles is fully absorbed in the double-G lifestyle and his Love on Tour 2022 shows have been as much Gucci runways as they were concerts.

What cologne does Harry Styles wear? ›

Harry Styles' favorite cologne is a newer release by Gucci. In fact, Harry loves Gucci's Mémoire d'une Odeur fragrance so much he's even admitted to sleeping in it. The first unisex release from the luxury fashion house, Mémoire d'une Odeur, is an earthy, sensual, ethereal blend designed to symbolize a starry night.

What was Harry Styles wearing on Today Show? ›

Harry Styles' JW Anderson jumpsuit sparked many a meme. He wore the striped ensemble to perform on the "Today" show. Styles wiggled like a caterpillar while performing hits and sneak peeks from "Harry's House."

Did Meghan Markle buy her own wedding dress? ›

Meghan Markle's wedding dress is estimated to have cost £110,000, and the Duchess of Sussex paid for it herself. The timeless gown was the handiwork of Clare Waight Keller, of Parisian fashion house Givenchy, and the level of intricacy is surely reflective of its price.

Was Meghan Markle wearing a microphone? ›

Of course, she was not wearing a mic." Claims that Meghan Markle wore a microphone during the Windsor Castle walkaround have been debunked and labelled 'ludicrous'.

Is Meghan Markle hair natural? ›

Meghan Markle reappears with her natural curly hair – and Doria and Archie are all smiles.

Who is Justin Bieber's stylist? ›

Florido Basallo | Justin Bieber Wiki | Fandom.

Who was Hailey Bieber's old stylist? ›

Hailey Bieber with Reilly. Recently, Bieber left Reilly to work with Karla Welch, the stylist with whom her husband, Justin Bieber, has worked with for years.

Who is Zendaya stylist? ›

Roach is the only stylist Zendaya -- who in 2021 made history as the youngest recipient of the CFDA's Fashion Icon award -- has ever worked with. "We kind of grew up together, and we built our careers together," said Roach.

Are Harry Styles and Louis still friends? ›

The “Back to You” crooner referred to their friendship as “proper nice.” During a November 2022 interview with U.K.'s The Telegraph, Louis also referred to Harry as his “brother” while discussing the “Daylight” singer's success.

Did Harry Styles have a relationship with Louis? ›

Louis and Harry were known for having a close friendship while in the group founded on The X Factor - with Directioners even dubbing them "Larry Stylinson", and although they may not be in as regular contact, Louis only has good words to say about the 'Harry's House' star.

Did Harry Styles have a relationship with? ›

Nearly two years into their relationship, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are "taking a break." The 38-year-old filmmaker and the 28-year-old singer — who first met on the set of their film Don't Worry Darling back in September 2020 — stepped out as a couple while attending a wedding together in January 2021.

Is Harry style still with Olivia? ›

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have reportedly ended their relationship. Wilde and her children were spotted at Styles' Nov. 15 concert in Los Angeles, and she was seen there dancing in the crowd as part of Styles' Harryween Halloween night concert on Oct.

Who was Harry Styles holding hands with? ›

Harry Styles is seen holding hands with Olivia Wilde as they attend the wedding of his agent, Jeff Azoff, and Glenne Christiaansen.

How much does Harry style earn? ›

Harry Styles reportedly earns upwards of $1 million per month, depending on what projects he's working on and whether he's touring.

When did Harry Styles wear a dress on the cover of Vogue? ›

Styles appeared on the December 2019 Vogue cover wearing a lacy dress with a tuxedo jacket, both by Gucci.

Did Harry Styles first wear a dress on Vogue? ›

Since Harry Styles' became the first man to grace the cover of American Vogue alone almost one year ago -- and did so wearing a full-length dress -- the British singer has come to symbolize a new, more expressive era of men's fashion.

What is Harry Styles wearing on the fine line album cover? ›

Styles wears a magenta button-down shirt, matching suspenders, and high-waist, wide-leg, billowing, glorious white pants. Because of the angle, the pants are the focal point of the photo, which allows the viewer to be hypnotized by them. Succumb to the siren song of Harry Styles's sailor pants.

When did Harry wear a dress? ›

In the December 2020 issue of American Vogue, English singer Harry Styles wore a custom-made blue Gucci dress as their first ever solo male cover star. Designed by head of Gucci Alessandro Michele, the dress received mixed reception from both conservative and progressive critics.

Who was the first man to wear a dress on Vogue? ›

Almost a year on from Harry Styles' iconic Vogue magazine cover, Billy Porter, one of the stars of the series Pose, recently questioned featuring Styles as the first man to wear a dress.

Did Harry Styles wear a dress to the Met Gala? ›

For 2019's Met Gala, Styles showed up to the camp-themed event in a sheer, black blouse designed by Gucci's Alessandro Michele, as well as a pearl drop earring — an accessory we should have paid closer attention to, since it may have been a hint that the pearlcore trend was on the rise.

Why does Harry Styles have a black heart tattoo? ›

The black heart

Back in December 2012, Harry had this heavy design inked onto his left bicep. While many think it's all about reminding him of his family back home, we reckon it's just a simple pun on wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Did Harry Styles have a relationship with a band member? ›

Six years after they parted ways, the As It Was singer has insisted he still feels "deep love" for the other 1D boys. Harry Styles has spoken out about his relationship with his former One Direction bandmates six years after the group parted ways.

Does Harry Styles have a tattoo? ›

Harry Styles has two dates tattooed on his collarbones: 1957 and 1967. His dad was Des, was born in 1957 and his mom Annie Twist, was born in 1967. Harry has four knee tattoos on his knees that say "oui," non," "si," and "no." They mean yes and no in French and Spanish.

Why does Harry Styles always wear boots? ›

His security team eventually got him loose from the crowd, but he realized too late that he was just in his socks. The incident was enough to make Styles swear off sneaks in favor of more secure-fitting boots.

Will Harry be allowed to wear his uniform? ›

Despite serving in wartime Harry, along with Prince Andrew, will not be authorised to wear military uniforms due to strict royal protocol.

Why does Harry Styles wear nail polish? ›

Speaking to Dazed magazine about his brand's launch, Harry says that “[Nail polish] was kind of the birth of what it was for. Me seeing a colour on a flower or a wallpaper or something and thinking, 'Oh, I wanna put that on my nails'. It was a fun little project”.


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