Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (2023)

Cancún is a city in southeastern Mexico, on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is a major tourist destination in Mexico and the seat of the Municipality of Benito Juárez. Located on the Caribbean Sea, the city is one of the easternmost points of Mexico.

It is therefore a summer and party tourist spot. There are many places to party and other cultural activities at night. This guide will help you find an ideal place for you and your friends to go out at nightcancun.

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Located in the northeastern corner of the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun was built on a site selected by the Mexican federal government as an ideal location for new tourism development. It encompasses 21 kilometers of white sandy beaches in the shape of the number "7", home to Mayan archaeological wonders, turquoise seas, rich marine life and world-class vacation facilities. It is still considered the gateway to the Mayan world (El Mundo Maya).

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The city of Cancun is divided into two sections: the island of the Hotel Zone, with the destination's beaches and resorts, and downtown Cancun, where the locals live. Most tourists spend their entire vacation in the Hotel Zone, but more adventurous travelers know that downtown Cancun has its own inviting attractions. Some parts of downtown Cancun have changed significantly in recent years, with beautiful new buildings and unique landscapes, and other areas like the famous Market 28 haven't changed a bit. Located just a short bus ride from the beach, downtown Cancun offers great shopping, a fun community atmosphere, and some of the city's best bars and restaurantsnightlifeSightseeing attractions. If you want to see the side of Cancun the locals know, hop on a city bus and explore downtown's charms.

Here in this article, we provide you with all the information you need about Cancun's nightlife, including a comprehensive list of the best places to visit. Here you will find all the tools and information you need to organize your vacation in Cancun as comprehensively as possible and to make your trip a beautiful experience.

Nightlife in Cancun

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (2)

If you are thinking of traveling to Mexico and you are quite the adventurous type, you should consider Cancun. Bustling nightlife, extreme sports, and exotic beaches have made Cancun such a popular tourist destination. Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, the city faces the Caribbean Sea and is divided into two areas: a more traditional one in the center of the city and a more modern one by the sea, ie the hotel zone. Daring water parks, stunning archeological sites, exhilarating cruises, Mayan eco-parks, epic dance clubs and much more await curious visitors. Night time activities are just as fascinating as daytime ones, so read on to see what are the top things to do in Cancun at night:

Cancun hotel zone

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Cancun's Hotel Zone caters almost exclusively to the tourism industry. It is plentiful in all-inclusive resort hotels. Stay there if you don't mind spending your vacation with lots of other tourists. Most tourists come mainly from English-speaking North America and there are also many tourists from Europe, but many tourists also come to Cancun from the rest of Mexico.

Downtown Cancun

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Just a few miles from Cancun's Hotel Zone is El Centro, also known as Downtown Cancun. Unlike the Hotel Zone, downtown Cancun is where you can experience the “real Mexico” and see how the locals live. Unfortunately, many tourists only venture into downtown Cancun when they have to make the pilgrimage to Walmart, but don't stay close by to see anything else. When visiting Cancun, step out of the Hotel Zone and head downtown to see what the real Cancun is like.

Take a floating tour

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Nothing is more relaxing, fun, and romantic than a boat ride through the Hotel Zone and Nichupte Lagoon. The options are endless: romantic ships, New Orleans-style boats and traditional Mexican parties on the Xochimilco barges. Go with your friends or loved one, have a few drinks and enjoy the breeze and the beautiful coastal views; a great way to start your evening.

go diving

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (6)

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in Cancun and one of the best things to do in CancunCape San Lucas, as is the case in many places in the world with beautiful waters and reefs. Cancun is home to one of the largest reefs in the world, the Great Mayan Reef. The reef stretches over 1,000 kilometers from the Yucatan Peninsula to Belize and Honduras. One of the best places for tourists to experience this underwater world is right at the end of Cancun's Hotel Zone, in an area known as Punta Nizuc. Punta Nizuc is a quiet and peaceful place with a variety of corals, fish and some lingerie sculptures from Cancun's MUSA underwater museum. Bring an underwater camera to ensure you can capture the action underwater.

Experience a jungle adventure

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (7)

A different way to spend a night in Cancun: no bars, no clubs, just an exciting adventure in the Mayan jungle. Take an overnight trip to Xplor Cancun Park and experience the adventure park in a whole new way under the lights of the stars, the moon and the occasional fire torch. Here you can live out the fantasy of a jungle expedition by flying on a zipline, swimming in a river, navigating through caves and paddling an underground river.

go zip lining

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (8)

Ziplining is one of the most popular activities in Cancun. If you're looking for more exciting things to do in Cancun, you absolutely have to go ziplining. Selvatica is an adventure theme park that offers 4 different zip lines in one package. On your Extreme Canopy Tour you will fly over the jungle, dive into cenotes, fly like Superman and experience the zipline roller coaster ride on your Tanzania zipline. There are a total of 10 different zipline circuits so you will have a lot of fun.

Watch a pirate show

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Let the pirates welcome you aboard the Jolly Roger ship. There is a restaurant where pirates sing and play; After dinner, a pirate battle begins with the noise of cannons and shells. We recommend bringing a sweater in case the breeze cools and flat shoes.

explore the cenotes

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (10)

Not only is Cancun famous for its underground rivers, but also for its incredible cenotes. Cenotes are subterranean caves formed after limestone caves have left a huge hole in the earth. This hole usually leads to a pool which in most cases has beautiful aqua colored water. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and scuba diving in cenotes are among the activities in Cancun that appeal to tourists and locals alike. One of the most popular cenotes for swimming, Ik Kil is close to Chichen Itza and Valladolid. Another popular one is Cenote Zaci near Valladolid.

Party am Pool

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If you can't get enough of a Mandala Club and it's also a Tuesday, head to the infamous Mandala Beach Club for more party time. This is one of the top rated pool parties in Cancun. So try to look stunning and don't forget your fabulous swimsuit. By booking this tour you will skip the line and head to the open bar for unlimited drinks. The options here are lounging in one of the club's pools, dancing to the tunes of a live DJ, relaxing in the hot tub, or even entering a bikini contest, oh, and drinking, of course.


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Mercado 28 is a large, maze-like flea market with an abundance of handicrafts, pottery, t-shirt and souvenir shops, and Mexican restaurants. Bargaining is expected in stores and salespeople are usually very aggressive, but there are some good deals out there if you're willing to haggle and ignore the pressure of the sales team. In the middle of the market there are many small restaurants serving seafood and authentic Mexican food. The quality of the food at the food stalls has declined a lot in recent years, but you can still enjoy a good fish meal at reasonable prices in El Cejas.

The best bars in Cancun

Cancun is the most visited vacation destination in Mexico and one of the most popular in the world. People from all over the world visit Cancun for the turquoise Caribbean waters, white sandy beaches and unparalleled nightlife, dining and shopping. There's no shortage of bars in the Hotel Zone, but downtown Cancun is also home to many unique bars/restaurants serving live music and/or DJs, beer, wine and cocktails, and delicious local food, all at cheaper prices than in the hotel zone. . So if you've spent a long day exploring the wonders of the city and other things, you probably deserve a drink to quench your thirst. ready to make you happy and kill your desire to drink:


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (13)

Part of the elegant ME Cancún hotel, the Rose Bar is a romantic lounge with soft lighting and elegant interiors. A quieter alternative to other venues in the area, it remains lively at weekends and has live entertainment with bands and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. Ladies night specials are often advertised here, and the champagne selection is vast and tempting.

Red Bull

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (14)

For tourists looking to get off the beaten track for a drink, Toro Rojo has a lot to offer. Located in the center of town, within walking distance of Cancun's Hotel Zone, the bar offers a wide range of beers and original drinks. There is good food here too, some of the most popular dishes being ceviche or steak and chicken burrito. After a busy day at Market 28 or one of the many other parks and shopping centers in the area, Toro Rojo is the ideal place to relax with a cold beer.

Or Black Pub

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (15)

The last thing you would expect in the middle of Mexico is an English-style brewery, but The Black Pub is just that. This venue is an excellent venue for local musicians performing in both English and Spanish, and guests can follow all sports games with a variety of channels available. The pub is an interesting mix of English and Spanish culture, with dishes like the Big Ben (ham, bacon and pepperoni pizza) side-by-side with chilli-cheese nachos. And of course no English pub would be complete without draft beer, which is plentiful here.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (16)

One of Playa del Carmen's oldest and most popular beach bars, Fusion has an indoor dining area but is best known for its outdoor lounge, right on the sand, under palm trees, and close to the Caribbean Sea. The Fusion's central location in the busiest part of downtown makes it ideal for enjoying a day in the shade of a palapa or a night on the town with live music and fire shows. The menu offers a variety of international cuisine so you can find almost anything you want, whether it's tacos, Argentinian empanadas or classic pub grub a la burgers and wings.

Zur Bodeguita del Medio

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (17)

La Bodeguita del Medio is a branch of a popular Cuban restaurant established in 1942. It's small, simple, and a hit with visitors. The bar is a particular attraction, with lively bartenders offering free salsa lessons with signature mojitos on Mondays and Wednesdays. Graffiti is recommended so you can "Leave Your Mark" before hitting the lively dance floor.

Carlos 'n' Charlies

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (18)

This lively bar has been an institution across Mexico since the 1970s and is particularly popular with tourists. A non-stop party vibe includes waiters spontaneously breaking into songs or playing comedy skits and snappy conga lines. The menu ranges from American fare to tacos and other Mexican fare. The drink menu covers the basics like beer, tequila, and wine, but can get "interesting" with the "Poison Kiss," a potent concoction of vodka, gin, cognac, red wine, and amaretto mixed with orange and lime juices. .

wound rod

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (19)

A local favorite, Bar La Ranita (Little Frog) is part of the Hotel Rana Cansada (Tired Frog) and has been around since 1984. The atmosphere is relaxed, but the prices are affordable and the margaritas pack a punch.

the arches

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (20)

Los Arcos is located on Avenida Yaxchilán in the center of town, a street known for its pubs. Decorated in a colorful Mexican style with a terrace overlooking the street, this is one of Cancun's oldest and most famous bars, featuring late-night live bands playing classic Mexican rock and an extensive selection of beers, drinks, and bar dishes. Order a pint and a plate of cheese nachos for the table, then settle in for an evening of people and music.

Amarula with a tropical accent

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (21)

Recognizable from the street only by a door and a neon sign, Amarula combines the somber, subdued style with the architectural details of an old Cancun home. Climb the sweeping staircase to the elegant bar area and outdoor terrace for al fresco drinks. The cocktail menu far surpasses the food at Amarula: the signature drinks live up to the bar's name ("with a tropical twist") and use classic Mexican ingredients such asJamaica(hibiscus flower), local fruits and chili peppers for surprisingly refreshing flavors that make locals nostalgic and travelers intrigued.

those from Guanatos

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (22)

The outside of Cancun's bullring is lined with many laid-back bars that fill up on Friday and Saturday nights, but the most famous is Las de Guanatos. This indoor-outdoor spot has become famous over the years for its giant, one-liter micheladas, a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice, sauces, and more depending on the order, usually with sweet and hot chili powder. For a late-night snack, try the torta ahogada, a classic cake sandwich drenched in gravy — but maybe order the hot sauce as a side.

The best bars and restaurants in Cancun

Cancun is a gastronomic delight for foodies and anyone who enjoys a delicious meal. In the famous Hotel Zone and downtown Cancún you will find countless restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine. Surprisingly, the HoZo (Hotel Zone) has few non-resort beachfront restaurants, but you'll find plenty of good beachfront restaurants overlooking the Nichupte Lagoon, which offers spectacular Cancun sunset views and unparalleled sunshine. In addition to many seafood restaurants and steakhouses, you'll also find restaurants specializing in Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, French, and Yucatan cuisine.

Whether you're a seafood fan or looking for something a little more robust in your dinner, these restaurants will grace your plate with the best that Cancun has to offer. Here we feature some of the top and best restaurants in Cancun so you don't have to worry about searching:

those from Guanatos

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (23)

Downtown Cancun's bullring is surrounded by local dive sites and restaurants, making the area a top nightlife spot for locals. Las de Guanatos is the most popular spot, famous for the huge pint of Micheladas beer mixed with various ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice or even prawns and salt or chilli powder on the rim. An extensive menu features Mexican and American pub grub, but it's also one of the few places in town where you can find Guadalajara-style tortas ahogadas: pulled pork sandwiches topped with onions and sauces that range from mild to super-spicy are sufficient. The terrace fills up on weekends thanks to the lively atmosphere and live outdoor music.

Zur Fonda del Zancudo

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (24)

Atmospheric dining in an old abandoned house, serving beautiful Mediterranean-inspired dishes using fresh, local and organic ingredients, some grown on-site in their small garden. Standout dishes include the rich tuna tartare, roasted figs and empanadas, and refreshing cucumber martini and sangria. Seating is in an open courtyard surrounded by crumbling stucco walls, with dramatic vines creeping up the sides and strings of lights hanging from the trees. Reservations are not required for small groups, but larger tables should be booked in advance.

the grape varieties

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (25)

Contemporary French cuisine in an elegant setting with rich flavors, exquisite presentation and fantastic wines. The upscale menu changes seasonally and takes inspiration from locally sourced produce and fine cuts of meat, though some popular dishes make regular appearances, like brie salad, lamb chops, and chocolate soufflé. The restaurant is run by the friendly and talented chef Sal Luna, who makes it a point to personally greet all the customers he cooks for and to answer questions or offer suggestions even when he's off the menu. The table service is always warm, attentive and personal. Les Cepages is located in the city center and is open for lunch and dinner.

a scale

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (26)

Le Chique at the Azul Sensatori Hotel by Karisma serves an exclusive 12-course tasting menu that has a beautiful beachfront location and offers an intimate and unique dining experience. Led by El Bulli-trained chef Jonatan Gomez-Luna, Le Chique's award-winning menu features creative flavors and innovative presentations, making it one of Cancun's premier haute cuisine restaurants.

nice point

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (27)

Located in the stunning Rosewood Mayakoba Resort, Punta Bonita is the perfect way to unwind while enjoying the succulent flavors of a truly refined Mexican meal. Some of the most recommended dishes include the fresh soft-shell crab sandwich and the Caribbean lobster tacos with smoked chipotle mayonnaise, avocado, and black beans, all artfully prepared. Pair your selection of Mexican tapas with one of Punta Bonita's signature margaritas. Don't miss Taco Night, a great way to feast on the extensive selection of tacos while enjoying the sublime ambiance and waterfront views.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (28)

The Alux Restaurant takes haute cuisine to the subterranean depths. Guests descend a flight of stairs to enter an open chamber that has been described by previous guests as stepping into another world. this is really uniqueCarmen-StrandThe restaurant is at home in a cave where, in addition to excellent service, candlelit tables and exquisite gourmet food, guests are surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites above and along the cave walls, making this dining experience unforgettable.

Best nightclub in Cancun

Cancun is a vacation destination that offers world-class resorts and restaurants, sprawling white-sand beaches, and the azure Caribbean Sea, but Cancun is perhaps best known for its remarkable and often outrageous nightlife. And the party doesn't stop until the sun comes up. It all started when college students discovered this tropical paradise and turned it into one of the world's top spring break spots about 30 years ago, but Cancun's nightclubs rock year-round and all ages are welcome to join the party.

Cancun's many nightclubs, including the popular Coco Bongo, The City, and Mandala, can have long lines of people waiting to get in, but the party is worth the wait. Many nightclubs and some bars sell open bar wristbands that allow you to pay a price to enter the club and drink all night. Reserving a table in the VIP area of ​​a club and purchasing bottles of spirits is an excellent option, but significantly more expensive than the open bar alternative. Check out our recommendations here, meet a group of friends or someone special and explore Discover Cancun's glamorous nightlife at the best nightclubs:

Cancun city

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (29)

In fact, it's where people from all over the world gather on Friday nights to enjoy a night of partying and fun! "The City" is one of the most famous nightclubs in Cancun, not only because it's the largest and most prestigious nightclub in Latin America, but also because of its light show, powerful audio and sound system, and CO2 downloads that accompany the DJ's beat to perfection. More than 6,000 people sang and danced to the artist's hits and international DJs who performed on his stage. Every year during spring break in Cancun, thousands of students flock to this place like no other club like The City. If you are one of those who have already responded to the call to party at this club, you will surely keep the memory of that night in your heart and to fully enjoy Cancun's nightlife, it is enough to visit the city visit.

Coco Bongo

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (30)

Cancun's most famous nightclub, Coco Bongo, has been featured on many travel shows. Several artists performed throughout the night. On any given night at the club, Beetlejuice shows up, Spider-Man flies through the air, acrobats perform high above the crowd, and a Michael Jackson impersonator lip-syncs to classic MJ songs. Bartenders and servers even take the stage to sing and dance the night away. When you feel your feet starting to move, don't bother looking for the dance floor because there isn't one. People just dance wherever they find a little space.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (31)

One of Cancun's most popular nightclubs, this beautiful mid-sized club is located between The City and Coco Bongo in the Party Zone. The Indian-inspired decor, with rich, vibrant colors and rich fabrics, lets you know right away that you're in an upscale lounge and not your average, hackneyed nightclub. The Mandala looks like the most beautiful and ornate VIP room you will ever see, only it's an entire club. The fact that the front of the club is completely open to the street adds to the ambiance. This is one of the hottest, hippest clubs in Cancun and has been extremely popular since it opened.

Mr. Toads

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (32)

With 13 locations across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, Señor Frogs is already a tradition in its own right. On Wednesdays, the classic foam party with electro, house and hip-hop music sets the mood. This is the perfect place to have fun and meet new people.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (33)

The place to celebrate – after the party. Antique opens at 11pm, but it is recommended that you arrive after 12:30pm and the music doesn't stop until 5:30pm. With a 250-person capacity, Antique bills itself as the "most exclusive and safest" nightclub in Cancun. If you're cool enough to walk through the doors on weekends (they're only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), expect a slightly higher crowd than other places. There are no body shots or wet t-shirt competitions here.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (34)

A giant disco ball and pole dancing platforms set the stage for this laser-lit disco. Cancun's legendary hotspot hosts some of the destination's best bikini contests and themed parties year-round, especially during spring break season. If you want to dance uninhibited, Club Dady'O is the place for you.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (35)

Even with a capacity of 1,800 people, this open air club is packed every night! Live bands (rock and roll; salsa), a cheap open bar, and conga lines upstairs make for an evening of margarita and dancing. Between sets, recharge your batteries on the Party Center's main line. Get to Congo early if you want a table.

the kitten

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (36)

One of Cancun's newest nightclubs, La Vaquita (meaning "The Cat") has quickly become a favorite with tourists and locals alike. This small, laid-back nightclub has a fun, casual vibe -- a little more exotic with its unique cow theme (red, black, and cow-print interior; pint drinks in cow-print glasses).

Big Mambo-Café

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (37)

The Grand Mambo Cafe could become your number one place to dance salsa, merengue and bachata in Cancun. Located in the middle of the squareHongkongMambo Cafe offers live music from Wednesday to Saturday. The open bar is open on Thursdays. If you're celebrating a birthday and book on a Friday, you'll get a free bottle of rum, vodka, or tequila if you have generous friends who are willing to pay. On Saturdays, when you book a table for 15 people, you get a free bottle of Captain Morgan or Smirnoff. The bottle service gets you a seat in the first row next to the dance floor. There is live music every night and the party doesn't end until around 4am.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (38)

Millions of people visit Cancun each year to experience its unrivaled nightlife, and the Palazzo does not disappoint. Formerly Bulldog and before that Christine, the club has undergone a complete and glamorous makeover. Dance the night away or sip your drink while people watch. You will see many beautiful people including both tourists and locals. With themed nights, world-famous guest DJs, stripper poles (and stripper pole contests), and open bar and bottle service, this is a very popular hen party spot. Palazzo is what Cancun nightlife dreams are made of.

Gin and Nebrina cuisine

Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (39)

It's a great bar and restaurant in downtown Cancun specializing in gin cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine. Popular with locals, Nebrina Restaurant offers a wide range of gin cocktails and a casual but trendy atmosphere. DJs often spin in the evenings and its location on Ruta Nader makes it a great base for local bars. You can enjoy here from Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 04:00.


Nightlife in Cancun • A Complete Guide [Updated February 2023] (40)

An outdoor wine bar near Parque de las Palapas with guitar entertainment.

If you're looking for a respite from the body-shooting scene in Cancun's party zone, La Terraza del Vino is a low-key, casual, and romantic spot that's perfect for a great date night with good food (pizza is popular) and a great wine selection. Head to Parque de las Palapas for sunset and people-watching, then head here when your stomach starts to growl.


Let's wrap up the topic, here in this article we had a brief introduction to Cancún and highlighted some of its outstanding norms, culture and nightlife. We also went through several activities and places to enjoy the region's nightlife, concert halls, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals alike.

As previously mentioned, Cancun's nightlife is spread throughout the city. There are several lively streets/areas of the city where cafes, concert and dance halls, galleries and restaurants offer something special for everyone who loves culture, commerce and nightlife. There are many pubs and bars in all areas of the city and they really satisfy the cravings of the thirsty visitors where you can enjoy your cocktails with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of the craft beers and their decorations.

You won't feel hungry during the journey, so we also recommend some of the city's best restaurants that offer exotic and delicious food along with your favorite beverages. You can enjoy the taste of good food along with a good drink.

And finally, we go through a comprehensive selection of nightclubs in the city that offer good music and fun with deliciously exotic drink and cocktail options that will enhance your overall experience of the charming nightlife during your stay in Cancun.

All of the above experiences will work together to make your trip to Cancun absolutely unforgettable. A perfect and balanced mix of the above activities can really enhance your experience and make your trip a memorable one for you.

Video to watch to find out

When do clubs in Cancun close?

It also follows the most popular times for nightclubs in Cancun –22h to 5h.

What Should I Wear for Cancun Nightlife?

The dress code iscasually more elegant, but as long as you don't show up in flip-flops or gym clothes, the bouncers are pretty easy to deal with. They call themselves the craziest club in Cancun, which takes a bit of time, but they're not that far off the mark.


Is February a good time to travel to Cancun? ›

Cancun's most ideal weather is from December to February with temperatures in the low 80s, sunny days, and low humidity. The pleasant temperatures and climate are perfect for chilling out, sightseeing, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean with the perfect ocean temperature.

What month is best to party in Cancun? ›

If your looking for the busiest dates to visit Cancun's PARTY ZONE then we recommend visiting during SPRING BREAK – which runs from the last week in February through to the first week of April.

Is Cancun still a party place? ›

This city is a place people visit for its world-class beaches and resorts, but also for its nightlife scene, where the party never stops.

What is the weather like in Cancun February 2023? ›

Daytime temperatures usually reach 28°C in Cancun in February with moderate heat and humidity, falling to 18°C at night.

What does Cancun look like in February? ›

Cancun is gorgeous during February. What is this? You will encounter fewer overcast days, pleasantly warm temperatures, and excellent beach conditions. Although it's a little more humid as compared to January, you won't have to worry about stifling weather.

Is February a rainy month in Cancun? ›

Rain and Humidity in Cancun During February

February, somewhat surprisingly, is the third driest month of the year in Cancun with just 2.2 inches (5.59 cm) of rain falling over an average of 4 rainy days.

Is February hurricane season in Cancun? ›

Atlantic hurricane season in Cancun occurs between the start of June and the end of November. The highest risk of hurricanes is between September and October, as they become more frequent due to sea temperatures being at their hottest.

What's the cheapest month to go to Cancun? ›

Cheapest. Prices for Cancun hotels tend to be lowest from around May to June, and again from September to October. This is because the temperature, rainfall, and humidity are all peaking, and tourists are less inclined to visit.

What is the dress code for Cancun nightlife? ›

The dress code is smart casual, but as long as you're not turning up in flip flops or sportswear the bouncers are quite easy going. They call themselves the craziest club in Cancun, which is a moniker that takes some living up to, but they aren't that far off achieving it.

Where do the Kardashians stay in Cancun? ›

The couple stayed at the ultra-luxe Imanta Resort, where rooms range anywhere from $1,670 to $6,300 a night.

How expensive is clubbing in Cancun? ›

The CityUltra Night Club$35
PalazzoNight Club$30 - $35
Dady'ONight Club$30 - $35
Congo BarDance Bar$10
8 more rows

How hot is Cancun in February? ›

You can expect 75-80°F days (24-27°C) while visiting Cancun in February. When the sun goes down, the temperatures in Cancun drop, but not by much. Nighttime temperatures in Cancun average about 70-74°F (21-23°C), though the humidity also usually isn't as bad as during the day.

Is it warm enough to swim in Cancun in February? ›

Water temperature in Cancun in February

The ocean temperature in February continues to be mild enough for comfortable swimming, hovering at an average temperature of almost 26 degrees Celsius (78.8F), which is considered to be quite pleasant.


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