One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (2023)

One pieceHe's been through a lot in hisFor decadesrun. It has not exactly accumulated its critical and financial success for nothing. With constant world building and ever increasing stakes, the series has managed to capture the attention of its fans for quite some time. And while each arc is exciting in its own way, one in particular deserves thanks for helping keep the series fresh.

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That would be Enie's Lobby, a central arc that would not only feature some of the series' heaviest drama, but enemies that would really force the Straw Hats to up their game and switch repertoire. This list examines closely the obstacles that have only made the Straw Hats even stronger, and lists some of the best villains in Enie's lobby.

10 Fukurō

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The most distant example of a clandestine secret agent, Fukurou is the limp green member of CP9 who doesn't really rank as one of the arc's most memorable villains. While he certainly has an incredibly eccentric design and personality, Fukurou is just a colorful flash between his loud mouth and bulbous shape.

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His biggest contributions were revealing the power levels of the other members of CP9 (a concept that doesn't really come up in the series) and giving Franky a decent chance to show off his fighting skills. While hard to miss, Fukurou didn't really make a lasting impression.

9 Baskerville

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (2)
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Baskerville isn't just one antagonist, it's three that happen to be very close. The three-headed giant is in charge as the judge of the Enies Lobby Court, essentially facilitating the hearing and sentencing of the world's criminals.

Bas is the leader of the left who immediately blames the people. Kerrville is the real head who immediately finds everyone innocent. And it's the head in the middle that just says it all, but inevitably tends towards immediate execution. While they're a cheesy trio, the Baskerville group's rampant indecision and erratic aggression is incredibly concerning to an already creaking government justice system.

8 you refuse

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (3)

Bug is generally a hard to forget guy as everything about him sticks in your memory like his noodles stick to the wall. He was one of the guards protecting a car in the sea train to Enies Lobby and came face to face with Sanji. Surprisingly, he got a decent amount of nudge and created an entire suit of armor out of ramen to counter many of Sanji's moves.

However, that wouldn't be enough to appease the straw hat chef as Sanji would make this match memorable both for Bug's defeat and the special reconstructive surgery Sanji performed on him with his kicks.

7 Kumadori

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (4)
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While Kumadori would not make a significant impact on the series, he would make a lasting impression just by doing so. Another eccentric member of CP9, Kumadori shaped the series as a kabuki actor who screamed at a man's passion and manipulated his hair growth in battle.

It would be part of a defining moment in the series as it would push Tony Tony Chopper far enough to finally reveal his Monster Point. Afterwards, Kumadori, despite being discarded, was largely responsible for Chopper's uncontrollable killing spree in Enie's Lobby main building.

6 Blaunr

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (5)

Blueno ranks high and gets a special spot on this list for his legendary encounter with Monkey D. Luffy. As one of the main members of the CP9 who keeps tabs on the Water Seven, Blueno has done well in the long swindle as a humble bartender who has earned the Galley-La Company's trust. It would prove to be an indispensable member in his final heist, as his Door No Mi would allow him quick and easy access through the company's walls.

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In his fight with Luffy, Blueno posed a significant threat, using both his powers and talents with Rokushiki to insult the Straw Hats. It would only serve to make him a mere power meter, however, as he quickly became the guinea pig for Luffy's first use of Gear Second in one of the most well-known and memorable beatdowns of the entire series.

5 Caliph

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Kalifa, perhaps the most important member of CP9's long-running investigation into Galley-La, was Iceburg's closest and earned his trust and information as his secretary. When she returned to Enie's Lobby, she was one of the agents who was awarded a Devil Fruit for all her hard work. This would be fully evident in his fights against Sanji and Nami.

Being the gentleman he was, Sanji wouldn't lift a finger against her, which only made Kalifa's attack easier. However, this only attracts the attention and help of the Straw Hat Navigator and begins the battle between Thunderclouds and Bubble Clouds. Although it doesn't look like it, Kalifa's Bubble no Mi masquerades as one of the directly more dangerous devil fruits in the arc, as she could create many environmental hazards and incapacitate her enemies with a cute but obnoxious layer of soap. . It was all for the best as she posed as a tough enemy for Nami to try out her new and improvedClimate Pace.

4 Jabra

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (7)

Jabra played the role of the mischievous wolf well and quickly became a classic cartoon villain in the arc. His entire performance served to both entertain and fuel his covert tactics, as CP9's wolf was susceptible to more than a few white lies. He would use this to gain the sympathy of his enemies (the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing).

When his opponents stopped, he would strike with his claws and teeth at the ready. However, this didn't pose much of a threat to Sanji as he would see through the ruse immediately. The battle itself between them is still entertaining with its incredible, classic action.One pieceJokes and renewed enthusiasm for Sanji's new skills.

3 which

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (8)

Kaka really could have been the best friend or the loyal and kind neighbor in any other world. His funny, unassuming face and positive attitude make him the main character in every children's series. He is a man of duty, however, and as one of CP9's leading members, he hides deadly potential under his hat.

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The other of the agents equipped with a Devil Fruit upon CP9's return, Kaku would gain the giraffe's terrible power. While funny on the surface, Kaku's adaptability and balance would turn this beast's advanced traits into deadly and unpredictable weapons against the likes of Roronoa Zoro. It would account for one of the arc's best fights and one of the most memorable and hilarious fights in the entire series.

2 Rob Lucci

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (9)

Rob Lucci is the ominous symbol of all the world government's immense power and unrelenting prejudice. Raised to be a deadly assassin from an early age, Rob Lucci has very little regard for life, particularly the lives of pirates and other criminals. A dedicated undercover agent, Lucci refused to speak (conventionally, at least) during his infiltration of Galley-La, and did not even display his full powers during the company's frequent labor unrest.

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However, for all his power, Rob Lucci is the agency's toughest agent, demonstrating an advanced mastery of Rokushiki with incredible strength with his leopard Cat Cat-fruit model. He would be the first person to truly surpass Luffy that much in real strength and dexterity and was the ultimate test of the Straw Hat's readiness for the Grand Line as a whole.

1 i will spend

One Piece: The Top 10 Enies Lobby Villains, Ranked (10)

Although his general demeanor andEkel in der One Piece CommunityI'm not allowed to put it that way, Spandam is the main opponent of Enie's lobby. He is the moderator and instigator of Cp9's operations on Water Seven and the main kidnapper of Nico Robin. It's a great display of the overzealous and biased nature of world government and how this translates into actual government operations.

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That means blatant cowardice, cruelty to pirates and, in a wonderful demonstration of the government's own oversight and negligence, the incompetent use of a button. He is the center of the arc's conflicts and a representation of what has transformed world government into a flawed but dangerous regime.

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