Review 'Law & Order: SVU' 23×16: “Sorry if this got weird for you” (2023)

23×16 Sorry if it got weird for you it was strong in every waySVUbeen strong this season (and pretty much always). It was also... kind of weird in all the ways the series seems to keep insisting on being weird. So let's try to explain here.

The second, the super awkward video package for “Mr. The Wright Now app opened the episode, alarm bells started ringing because for some reason there tends to be an issue with this show and anything remotely related to social media or modern web usage of any kind. But that's not to say Sorry if it got weird for you was a completely wasted episode - because it wasn't. Jackson Wright, the CEO who put his own name on his personal gate after his wife's death in order to meet with as many ignorant and reluctant women as possible, was slimy enough. He had what it takes to be a Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to tech brochures, and he even "renamed" his app. Wright supposedly had a vision to protect women online... But of course, renaming the app didn't help matters.

Basically what we're saying here is that there was "meta", except Zuckerberg doesn't even careto faketo take care of solving the numerous problems that plague your shit, "developed this to find hot girls now its just making money by rotting old men brains with conspiracies", page...


Review 'Law & Order: SVU' 23×16: “Sorry if this got weird for you” (1)

So here are some things that really worked.

The "meta" hints in "Mr. Wright Forever" (what the hell?) were great.ManyturnsThe 23×16 center drop added some interesting elements to the story… And yes, Olivia Benson was Olivia Benson. She was sufficiently disgusted by Cress Gordon's initial defense of Jackson Wright, as well as his later corporate spying scheme, but it was also the shining beacon of empathy and support she had.alwaysit's for those in need when things have gone wrong for Cress.

There's also the Velasco and (lack of) Rollins of everything. Neither of those two things was good or bad in and of itself. It's like their respective pieces, or lack thereof,in shapein the overall puzzle.

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If you had said, "Hey,SVU23×16 will be difficult for Velasco” before seeing it, he probably would have backed down. But showing new isn't a bad thing in general and it wasn't special here. It's not out of the question that a busy guy using a dating app accidentally triggers a victim, or that the "busy guy" in question is an SVU detective. After all, shit happens.

Look at squad members - is it really an elite squad if there are less than a handful of members? Or is it just an elite foursome - always welcome outside of work. This is especially true when we don't really know a character andneedto know him, to care for him. Why seriously, whyagaindo we care? This episode, while not irrelevant, at least gave us a clearer idea of ​​what we were dealing with.

Octavio Pisanodid a great job of showing that while Liv, Fin and Amanda may be seasoned veterans in the field... Velasco is easyNo🇧🇷 He struggled to comfort Lisa earlier in the episode - even accidentally contributing to her falling down the stairs. But he knew who to turn to for help (as we all do): Liv. And when the time came for Velasco to testify, Pisano's performance cameSVU23×16 did an equally apt job of highlighting Joe, who sort of trips over his own feet even after being set up byBothfineTo wife give it

Keep in mind the grand scheme of the current season and how Velasco even worked under Captain Benson in this episode.I caneven pushed him in the right direction when it came to loyalty. McGrath seems to think Velasco is his brother or something. But seeing how traumatized Lisa was and trying so hard to get her justice, even though he said she said affair withmuchof ways to portray the victims as glory-seeking girls who fell asleep and then changed their stories... It makes him, if not someone who was always on the right page, then at least a guy who could learn.

"Sorry It Got Weird For You" could easily have been an overall bad episode. Placing Velasco at the center of the case when, frankly, many fans didn't care could have been a disaster. But it was not. Because they tried to really develop the character and make you want more.

Not everyone will agree. When is the fandom coming?

23×16 even explained why Rollins wasn't there – good too! When you want someone like Amanda who just isn't there, letting viewers know what's going on is the way to go. (Perfect example of whatNodo: WTF,Chicago Med🇧🇷 At least come up with a dirty excuse for Stevie's absence!)

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"I told Rollins to take as much time as she needed, but most of all, take care of herself first."

EraGreatseeing Benson and Carisi talking about Amanda. She is liked by both of them and the message that she needs to put herself first is something that frankly most bosses don't get. More Captain Olivia Bensons in this world,No problem.

…OK broWhich iswith the double standard

Review 'Law & Order: SVU' 23×16: “Sorry if this got weird for you” (2)

But this raises the question of who1something that just doesn't make sense. And it's a constant problem, so... let's try again.

Discussing the Rollins family's problems off-screen is good for the show. Velasco opened up to Fin that he could be on a "hot date" via an app - even at a time when few people cared about him, let alone who he was dating - after Fin saw him texting ... also good and workable. A casual comment about Benson texting his "girlfriend" or talking to him or whatever... Nah. It just doesn't make sense.

no one asksMariska Hargitaywho is already wearingon your back to constantly fulfill double duty. (And seriously, there's no shade for anyone in this series implied by that statement: She it.)

Likewise, no one is asking Meloni to take on the lead role.organized crimewhile more and more time is constantly addedI look forThe schedule must also be included.SVU.

It's unreasonable and unfair to everyone involved - not just these two actors, but every actor and crew member.BothSeries. This also doesn't have to be a series or a couple of series, this is nothing more than "Elliot and Olivia's AARP romance". (However, we like to read about it in fanfics.)


It's just a matter of wanting that important - the most... the most important, if you will - relationship with Olivia Benson, the main character ofSVU, should be treated with some respect and continuity. Even time goes a long way. You don't need both actors for this - just the one that's already there. Throw in a line here and there, a one-way call, an email, a carrier pigeon or anything that... boom.

This kind of strange incongruity does more to divert the focus from justice to victims than throwing these little crumbs ever could. When orders come from above and from the hands of one or more people, seriously, it's not personal that it's mentioned so often. It's complicated. We understand.

And does that mean mentioning it or being very picky about it?Was 23×16 a bad episode, or that we didn't like it? not at least... tomich, you friendly neighborhood surveyor, that is not the case.

"Sorry It Got Weird For You" was great. It fits the theme that caught our attention this season, really.Comthe app's "what the hell" kind of vibe,worked🇧🇷 Worked well. The performances were insane – especially by Hargitay, as we always emphasize in this House.

It's just... I'll get itImpressiveoff topic here, but: In math, a proof can be right and still lack something extra to really simplify and make it stand out. Or a ballerina may have good technique... but she still needs it.dedicationto deliver truly impressive performance. The most frustrating thing about these two situations (and many others) is looking inside, outsidesaberthe potential is there to add thisone last thing... and the feeling that you are trying hardcontraes.

This is... this is the feeling that comes with seeing, such a beloved show, has these seemingly small but actually significant cracks. The double standard makes the imperfections look intentional, and no viewer wants to get into a situation where something they love looks like it's being intentionally... sabotaged? To be fair, I'm sure it's probably also not okay to think you've created something great and keep hearing it's useless because of what you consider "small".

But really, that's not the intention. And that little thing is a really big deal after all these years.

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We criticize out of love... Otherwise nobody would be here sharing so many words on a TV show. Think about it.

Sorry (not sorry) if those extra thoughts came upLaw and order: SVU23×16 will be weird for you

Review 'Law & Order: SVU' 23×16: “Sorry if this got weird for you” (3)
  • We all should have known that Jackson Wright was the trash of thesecondHe noted the initiative of a woman of color to protect other women. Mainly because let's be honest: a dating app, especially one made by a guy, has never been a safe place for women anyway.
  • "You know what they say, 'God takes care of drunks.'" You're really saying that to Olivia Benson...whose mother...died from a drunken fall down the stairs.
  • Mariska, beautiful and intense AF in that hospital scene...Olivia, beautiful and intuitive AF in that moment, simplesaberAll she needed to do was give Lisa a little more time...Such a small detail with so much power..
  • "Was it inappropriate? Sometimes cheeky? Safe. But he would never become violent.” Of course, Jan.
  • And... I was right after. How It Happens Love it for me, hate it for women in general.
  • Tag yourself: I'm Liv's utterly disgusted look as Wright paraded around in her robes, with even more boobs than Stabler would dare give.
  • ... and literally no one wants to see Wright's ugly AF chest anyway.
  • "I know what rape is. If someone says stop, I stop. It's not rocket science." And still.
  • Olivia Benson sat a lot and leaned against several tablesSVU23×16, and hmm... How it even worksagive power and sharpness???
  • way to havemy supposed lifeflashbacks about it. ("I just like how he's always leaning. Against things. He's great at leaning.")
  • Shout out to our queen's ankle - hope you haven't been a bitch this week.
  • If Olivia Benson says something would be "very smart", shut up and do it.
  • Something with Captain Benson, a superhero with a cape instead of a cape.
  • The coral-colored coat and shirt. Our hero? Vivid colors again? God is looking for fangirls.
  • The coffees are code for "I've been talking to my friend Elliot all night making the word 'friend' sound positively lewd." Feel free to waste time fighting me.
  • “I wish I could say things are getting better, but this is going to be a bumpy road.” I watch the news.
  • "It's a waste of time and it makes me look weak too." I can't believe Olivia Benson's adopted son Sonny said that.
  • "...surprised that a handsome guy like you needs an app to meet women." It's literally 2022 ?????? And this defender is not old enough to think like that????
  • Carisi talks about women who like to freak out in the middle of the courtroom while he misses his girlfriend...boy down
  • "...that's what women do! They lie! OK? You push! They pull! You're crazy! They're hot! And when they don't get what they want, they scream rape. I was sure Wright would be free after that outburst considering we have a judge at SCOTUS who once threw a tantrum like that at a hearing Pleasantly surprised it didn't happen here.
  • “You are a good man, Dominick Carisi.” She loves him. It is sweet. good moment

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