Samurai Job Guide: FFXIV Endwalker Changes, Rework, and Skills (2023)

For a long time, damage dealers inFinal Fantasy XIVsuffered under the yoke of having to do more than hurt. That burden can be intimidating, or it can be the factor that makes one job more attractive than the rest; It could go either way. Whether you had to buff the party as a Bard or nerf the enemy to increase the party's overall damage as a Ninja, your approach involved more than just hitting the enemy hard.

The Samurai (SAM), in comparison, doesn't care about his party. The job is solely focused on dealing as much damage as possible, slashing through enemies with your razor-sharp katana. A Samurai has no friends; they have non-combatants who stay by his side as they kill enemies.

If that sounds appealing to you, here's everything you need to know about playing Samurai.

Samurai Job Guide: FFXIV Endwalker Changes, Rework, and Skills (1)

I studied The Blade - Main Attack Rotations

Let's start with standard rotation. Since Samurai was added in a later expansion,stormy blood, you will start at level 50 and there is no prerequisite work. While other Jobs might have a standard combination of weapon skills, Samurai has several of them depending on what he's trying to add to his Sen Gauge. We'll dive into what Sen Gauge is later; For now, you need to know that your Sen Gauge has slots for three different affinities: Setsu, Getsu, and Ka. They are then used for Iaijutsu, their strongest attacks.

But before we get into the deeper mechanics, let's take a look at his various combos.

  • combos to winHe:Hakaze(Niv. 1) →Maestro(Niv. 18) →Kasha(Niv. 40).
  • combos to winGetsu:Hakaze(Niv. 1) →jinpu(Niv. 4) →lizard(Niv. 30).
  • combos to winSeta:Hakaze(Niv. 1) →yukikaze(Niv. 50).

Together, these three combos are your standard linear weapon skill combos. Since Samurai starts at level 50, you will have all these actions from the start, but you need to keep in mind the time with a previous level.

An important aspect of these combos is that the second weapon skill in the Ka and Getsu combos grants a buff. HeKa Comboit should be the first one you use in your rotation becauseMaestroGives you a buff that reduces weapon skill cast time and cast time, spell cast time and cast time, and auto attack delay by 13 percent for 40 seconds. This basically means you attack faster. Faster attacks mean more damage. At theCombo Getsu,jinpuincreases damage dealt by 13 percent for 40 seconds, another fixed damage increase.

All three give you one of the affinities in Sen Gauge. As it fills the meter, it usesIaijutsu(Level 30), a single action that changes based on how much Sen you have in total (no matter what you have accumulated). With any Sen, Iaijutsu becomeshiganbana(Level 30), which gives you a single-target 250 power attack, a 60 second damage over time (DoT) effect for 60 seconds, and a stack of Meditation. With any two Sen, it becomesgoken tenka(Level 40), which is a 360 cone of power AoE attack that also grants a single stack of Meditation. Finally, if you have all three Sen, Iaijutsu becomesMidare Setsugekka(Level 50), a massive single-target 800 power attack that also provides a mediation stack. Iaijutsu doesn't break your weapon skill combos so you can use it between any attacks, but it has a short cast time and is subject to your GCD.

We'll talk about mediation in a moment. And remember that each weapon skill also increases your Kenki meter by between 5 and 15 points, depending on the action. Again, we'll talk about that in a moment.

Before that though, let's look at how to deal with mobs with your AoE skill set.

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  • area of ​​effectGetsucombination:Filtration(Niv. 26) →Mangetsu(Niv. 35).
  • area of ​​effectHecombination:Filtration(Niv. 26) →BOM(Niv. 45).

Like his standard single-target combos, Samurai has several area-of-effect (AoE) weapon combos. It is worth noting thatFiltrationit is an AoE cone attack that hits in front of the samurai instead of being a full 360 degree attack; Positioning is key in this work.Mangetsuincreases the duration of Jinpu's buff by 15 seconds, up to its 40 second cap, and grants you a Getsu. Instead of,BOMincreases the duration of the Shifu buff by 15 seconds and grants a Ka. Note that Mangetsu and Oka do not grant their respective buffs, so they only extend them when active. There is no AoE combo that Setsu grants, so you'll need to use the two-hit single target combo from time to time.

Taking all that into account, a basic combo would look something like this:Ka ComboCombo Getsucombo setMidare Setsugekka. You'll notice that since Setsu Combo only has two hits, Midare Setsugekka actually completes the rotation of three combos with three hits each. Likewise, an AoE Combo would start withAoE El Combo, thenCombo AdE Getsu, thengoken tenka, a cone-based Iaijutsu action. In fact, this is the only time you really need to use Tenka Goken; outside of AoE situations, you'll use one Sen for Higanbana or three Sen for Midare Setsugekka.

However, there is a wrinkle! For longer commits, you'll want to usehiganbanasince it's your main DoT. As such, you should apply this to your target ASAP. And before using Higanbana, you must have an active damage buff.

Diving a bit into Kenki-based skills, SamuraiHistasu: Kaiten, a buff that increases the power of your next weapon skill by 50% and is active for 10 seconds. This action costs 20 points from your Kenki Gauge. Since every action on your basic weapon skill adds 5 points to the Kenki gauge, this means you'll really need the first or second hit of your second combo to activate Kaiten.

That means your default opener looks something like this:Ka ComboHakazejinpuHissatsu: Kaiten (melhor)Higanbana (DoT)Gekko (termina o combo Getsu). After that, I would start the basic combo chain I illustrated above.

But wait! There are two more actions that paint the full picture here. The first isMeikyo Shisui(Level 50), an instant action with a cooldown of 55 seconds that allows you to perform up to three weapon skill combos without the combo prerequisites. This means you can get all of Kasha, Gekko, and Yukikaze's Sen Gauge effects and affinities without the above actions, saving the global cooldowns on the first few attacks in those combos.

The second action you should know istsubame-gaeshi(level 76). This must be cast directly after an Iaijutsu and repeats whatever Iaijutsu you just cast, but with greater power.Kaeshi: Higanbana(Niv. 76),Kaeshi: Goken(Level 76), andKaeshi: Setsugekka(Level 76) are exactly the same as Higanbana, Tenka Goken and Midare Setsugekka, respectively, only stronger.

With those two skills in the mix, your default opening and combo rotation looks like this:

Ka ComboHakazejinpuHissatsu: Kaiten (melhor)Higanbana (DoT)Gekko (termina o combo Getsu)Meikyo ShisuiKashayukikazeMidare Setsugekka (Iaijutsu)Kaeshi: Setsugekka (Tsubame-gaeshi) → Gekko (último uso de habilidade com armas para Meikyo)

Let's get to the 'why' of all this. The Ka Combo is your initiator, deals damage, gives you 15 Kenki and a Sen. So, you start your Getsu Combo withHakazeyjinpu, giving you 10 more Kenki. You only need 20 Kenki to activateHissatsu: Kaiten, your damage bonus. While this buff is active, releasehiganbana, your DoT. Then, finish the Getsu combo with Gekko, giving you Getsu Sen. activeMeikyo Shisuito shorten the rest of your weapon skill combos, allowing you to useKashayyukikazeto get your Ka and Setsu Sen. With all three Sen, you can useMidare Setsugekka, and then the dashKaeshi: Setsugekka. Here, you still have a free weapon skill combo finisher, so you uselizard.

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Make sense? His next step would be to go back to his Ka Combo, then Setsu Combo, then Hissatsu: Kaiten, then Midare Setsugekka. You're basically trying to do as much as possible to rotate between the three combos to fill your Sen Gauge to use Midare Setsugekka. Faster, kill, kill!

End Walker Appendix

with the launch ofstroller, Samurai has not changed completely. In fact, all that's happened is that the team at Square Enix has added similar new abilities to the existing pool. One small change is that Jinpu and Shifu's buffs will also be applied to your AoE combos, with new names. Hefugetsubuff increases damage done and is shared by Jinpu and Mangetsu, while theasmabuff is attack speed, shared by Shifu and Oka.

Finally you get an AoE Setsu combo with the addition ofHyosetsuat level 86. Continuing the Samurai AoE damage buff is another new spell. Shoha is a high-damage single-target attack that the Samurai gains at level 80, which costs three stacks of Meditation.Shoha IIit's a new action gained at level 82, which is the same thing but it's AoE instead of single target.

Tsubame-gaeshi and Meikyo Shisui receive new traits at levels 84 and 88 respectively, giving each of these abilities two charges.

Finally, there is a new action similar to Iaijutsu and Tsubame-gaeshi calledOgi Namikiri, which is obtained at level 90. This skill is only activated when you useIkishoten, an existing action that simply gives you 50 Kenki Gauge points. Instroller, this also gives you the Ogi Namikiri Ready buff. With that, you can use Ogi Namikiri, a cone attack that hits with 800 power to the first enemy and 75 percent less to all other enemies. then it becomesKaeshi: Namikiri, which is also a cone attack but hits with 1200 power and 75% less to all other enemies. It's a very powerful double tap for max level Samurai.

Samurai Job Guide: FFXIV Endwalker Changes, Rework, and Skills (2)

Measuring the Situation: Sen, Kenki, and Meditation Indicators

Let's do a little review, so we're all on the same page now. The Samurai job meter has three sections. The first is thelate gauge, which has three glyphs. These glyphs light up based on the weapon skill combination you use: Ka, Getsu, or Setsu. You can only have one of each Sen glyph, and the amount you have determines which ability is used when you activate it.Iaijutsu.

then there is theCaliber Kenki. Certain weapon skills provide between 5 and 15 Kenki, while the meter maxes out at 100. You can spend Kenki on various actions that are off global cooldown (oGCD); it's there to top up your combos and overall damage.

These are the skills you spend Kenki on:

  • Hissatsu: Kaiten(Level 52, 20 Kenki) - Increases the power of the next weapon skill by 50 percent, 10 seconds duration.
  • Hissatsu: Gyoten(Lvl 54, 10 Kenki) – Dashes to the target and unleashes a 100 power attack.
  • Hissatsu: Yaten(Level 56, 10 Kenki) – Delivers an attack of 100 power and knocks back 10 yalms. Increases the damage of Enpi, your ranged attack.
  • Hissatsu: Shinten(Level 62, 25 Kenki) – Offers an attack of 320 power.
  • Hissatsu: Kyuten(Level 64, 25 Kenki) – Perform a 150 Power AoE attack.
  • Hissatsu: Seigan(Level 66, 15 Kenki) – Offers an attack of 200 power.
  • Hissatsu: Guren(Level 70, 50 Kenki) – Offers an 850 straight attack.
  • Hissatsu: Senei(Lvl 72, 50 Kenki) – Offers an attack of 1100 power.

There is also an actionHagakure(Level 68), which converts each Sen glyph into 10 Kenki each. Use these in-between encounters to "redefine" yourself. Alternatively, there isIkishoten(Level 68), which increases your Kenki Gauge by 50 and has a 60 second cooldown.

(Video) FFXIV: Endwalker Samurai [Post-6.1] 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

The Samurai's final meter is themeditation indicator. This appears as three gems next to the Kenki indicator. Using Iaijutsu and Tsubame-gaeshi gives you one stack of Meditation each, up to a maximum of three stacks. that is spent onshoha, a single-target attack with a power of 400. (In the last combo I illustrated in the Main Attack Rotations section, Shoha would go before the last Gekko.)stroller,Shoha IIis an AoE version of Meditation meditate(Level 60) is a channeled action that increases your Kenki Gauge for 15 seconds and grants you up to maximum stacks of Meditation.

Other actions in your arsenal

While we've covered the main role of the samurai, there are still a few more actions that can be tricky in certain situations.

Third Eye(Level 6) Reduces the amount of damage taken by the next attack by 10% for 3 seconds. He also gives you the Open Eyes buff for 15 seconds. While under the effect of this buff, you can usemerciful eyes(Level 58) for an instant heal for 200 power, or theHissatsu: SeiganThe aforementioned Kenki spends... until Endwalker is cast because both abilities take their leave.

Wicked(Level 15) is your ranged attack with the greatest range of 15 yalms. Also increases Kenki Gauge by 10.Hissatsu: YatenThe aforementioned action causes Enpi to deal three times damage.

The rest of the available actions are your DPS role actions. As I said, the Samurai doesn't have many actions other than just attacks.second wind(Level 8) Instantly restores your health with a heal of 500 and has a rather long cooldown of 120 seconds.leg scan(Level 10) is your default stun for three seconds, andabate(Level 12) Converts part of your physical damage into HP over 20 seconds.

False(Level 22) Reduces your target's Strength and Dexterity by 10% for 10 seconds.arm length(Level 32) Nullifies most push or pull effects for 6 seconds. finally there istrue north(Level 50), a two-charge action that negates the directional requirements of your actions for 10 seconds. You only have two actions that have positionals: Gekko and Kasha.

Samurai Job Guide: FFXIV Endwalker Changes, Rework, and Skills (3)

General Best Practices

Deal damage. It is not enough? Okay, let's dig a little deeper.

First, you need to make sure you always have Higanbana on your target. You should also make sure that Hissatsu: Kaiten buffs Higanbana's DoT because then he does as much damage as possible. Fully upgraded, Higanbana DoT deals more damage than Midare Setsugekka, so it's a huge part of her damage. Also, Hissatsu: Kaiten should be used for Higanbana or Midare Setsugekka to maximize its overall damage.

Enpi is your ranged attack, but don't use it unless you have to. If you're wasting time with Enpi or Hissatsu: Yaten when you can go in and out alone and use your strongest combos, then you're also wasting damage. (Also, Enpi breaks his combos.)

It's a bit hidden, but Gekko and Kasha are actually positional actions. When using these actions in the correct position, you gain 5 additional Kenki. Gekko gives you the bonus when used from behind, while Kasha gives you the bonus when used from the flanks. If the boss placement is not in your favor, activate True North.

(Video) The Wright Guide to Samurai - 6.2 90 Rotation, Opener and gameplan

Use Shoha when you have three stacks of Meditation. Don't waste a stack of meditation. Likewise, do not overwrite Sen. For example, if you already have a Ka glyph, don't use a Ka Combo.

Samurai Stat Priorities

Unless you're clearing higher-level content (including extreme or ultimate tests or progressing wild raids), stat performance isn't as important.

They arein generalthe order of priority should be:

skill speed>critical strike>direct attack>Determination.

The item level of your equipment.It's the most important thing to worry about! You always want the strongest team for your level. Not only will this give you the general stats you need to be successful, it will also allow you to access certain ilvl-blocked content.

Samurai relies heavily on its spins. As such,skill speedit's very important, but the trick is that you want to stack at a specific time. From Shadowbringers, 710-711 Skill Speed​​is a good and recommendable amount to hit a solid global cooldown.

After that you must finishcritical strike. This increases the damage dealt when you land a critical hit; It also increases the chance of that happening. You will want to follow this up withdirect attack. This increases the chance that your attacks are direct, which does slightly more damage than a standard strike. Both are damage-focused stats because, again, your core Strength and Vitality stats are taken care of through your gear.

Determinationis another offensive stat, but it's not as important as the other two. It alters the amount of damage done by physical and magical attacks, but it's kind of weird in terms of overall utility.

The best foods and potions to use change with the tides (i.e. new recipes with each patch and what you can buy from the market or make yourself). Butsmoked chickenis the favorite food at the end ofshadow bearers.

final thoughts

The Samurai offers little additional utility to your Light Party or Raid. While other DPS jobs occasionally need to do things besides dealing damage, Samurai has none of that. The Samurai is simply there to go to the battlefield and cut things with his sword. Truly, it is a selfish job in the same way as the Black Magician.

(Video) Samurai Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour

And there's nothing wrong with that. If you just want to deal damage up close, no Monk or Ninja shenanigans, Samurai is the job for you. Go out and live your dreams influenced by Akira Kurosawa.


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