Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (2023)

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (1)

Enies Lobby, often referred to as the Isle of Justice, was a government stronghold inParadise. "Ilha da Tarde" and "Ilha da Noite do Nunca" are two names for the island on which it is located. It served as the headquarters of CP9 and as one of the three main strongholds of the world government.

MarinefordEdrive downboth are accessible through the Enies Lobby gate. As a result, a large number of government agents - around 10,000 men - were stationed there by the World Government and the Marines. A courthouse was also located on the island, making it easy to transport serious offenders through the Enies lobby and straight to Impel Down or Marine HQ.

The Franky Family, Galley-La Company, and Straw Hat Pirates' invasion, followed by the Buster Call, completely destroyed the island, leaving it in ruins. It is not certain if the island was rebuilt during the time skip.


  1. All about Enies Lobby
  2. History of the Enies Lobby
  3. Geography of Enies Lobby
  4. Architecture of the Enies Lobby
  5. Locations in Enies Lobby
    1. Bridge of Hesitation
    2. tribunal
    3. Hof
    4. daytime season
    5. gates of justice
    6. Main entrance
    7. island main gate
    8. tower of justice
    9. waterfall ring
  6. Employees in the Enies lobby
    1. CP9
    2. Baskerville
    3. law enforcement unit
    4. Only eleven judges
    5. Oimo und Kashi
  7. trifles
  8. common questions
    1. Q. In which One Piece episode does Enie's Lobby begin?
    2. Q. Is Enies Lobby any good?
    3. Q. Is Enie's lobby after Water 7?

All about Enies Lobby



anime debut

One Piece Episode 263 "Judgment Island! Enies Lobby's Complete Image!"

debut manga

Chapter 358 "Rebirth"




world government

History of the Enies Lobby

After their arrival inwater 7, the Straw Hat Pirates go their separate ways to explore the island and look for a shipwright to repair the Going Merry. While everyone else is exploring the city, Robin encounters the members of CP9 who intend to capture the Straw Hat Pirates and acquire an Iceburg-specific blueprint. Robin decided to sacrifice himself in exchange for a promise that CP9 would free the Straw Hat Pirates. CP9 also sought out Franky, whom they captured to extract the blueprint.

The Straw Hat Pirates decided to save Nico Robin from the world government. Robin has been wanted by the government for years due to her knowledge of the Poneglyphs, ancient artifacts that contain details about the "Void Century", a time in history that the world government did everything to eradicate from public awareness. The Straw Hats decide to launch an all-out assault on Enie's lobby to free Robin and several other Galley-La Company allies and join them in their quest.

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (2)

After reaching the main tower in Enies Lobby and encountering several CP9 agents, the Straw Hat Pirates declared open war on the World Government by burning the World Government flag. The Straw Hats split up to fight them, with CP9 leader Rob Lucci facing off against Luffy. The conflict between Rob Lucci and Luffy lasted for several episodes.

Spandam, currently a CP0 agent, accidentally released the Buster Call in Enie's lobby while holding Robin captive. As the battle raged between the Straw Hats and the CP9 agents, the ships approached.MarineHQ began moving towards the Enies lobby to wipe out the island, as is the nature of a doom call.

The Straw Hats learned more about the real nature of the world government and how they treated Nico Robin as the conflicts continued. Along the way, they encountered many more formidable foes, including the mysterious Admiral Aokiji, who fought Luffy to a standstill.

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (3)

Luffy eventually defeated Rob Lucci in their fight while the other Straw Hat Pirates triumphed over their respective enemies. The Straw Hats, a gang of gunmen who joined them, freed Nico Robin and Franky with the help of their teammates.

Abandoning your ship on shoreWater7, the Straw Hat Pirates did not expect to escape Enies' lobby after the battle ended. However, the Going Merry mysteriously made its way to the island to rescue its crew, prompting them to jump out to sea while she awaited her return.

Enie's lobby was completely destroyed after the Buster Call. But with the help of BluenoDevil's fruitThe skills allowed the CP9 members to survive.

Geography of Enies Lobby

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (4)

Enie's lobby is known for bizarre anomalies. It's never dark on the island; Even during heavy storms like Aqua Laguna, the sun is always shining. There are many whirlpools behind the island, as well as a huge gate called the Gates of Justice which, when opened, stops the whirlpools due to the tides and only partially opens to let criminals through.

Architecture of the Enies Lobby

The city's architecture is relatively uninteresting, with brown buildings appearing to be constructed of mud or some similar substance amidst the waterfall and black void. They all look different, and some are bigger than others.

The most prominent architectural styles in the Enie lobby can be found at CP9 headquarters. These are huge white marble structures with what appear to be jade green squares around the edges and thin gold lines encircling them. Several facilities, including the courthouse, also have green roofs.

Locations in Enies Lobby

Bridge of Hesitation

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (5)

The Bridge of Hesitation is a huge drawbridge with two sections. A conventional bridge connects the underground tunnel to the Gates of Justice in the first section and a drawbridge over the Gates in the second.

Before a criminal can reach the Gates of Justice, he must cross the Bridge of Hesitation. It was nicknamed "The Bridge of Hesitation" because when a prisoner is brought here, they are so afraid of what might happen to them that they stop and try to escape, but the naval guards stop them.

After this phase, the criminal has no turning back and his end is guaranteed. They are then transported bySchiffImpel Down or Marine Headquarters. These places offer no hope of escape, and the prisoner usually dies there. The bridge was largely destroyed two years ago.


Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (6)

The three-headed giant Baskerville serves as a judge in the massive courtroom in Enies Lobby, located in the southeast corner of the island. Despite being three separate individuals, they love to dress together to show their friendship for each other. Each of them has a different nickname; the leftist, Bas, is known as Left Baskerville and thinks everyone is guilty of omission and should be jailed.

The rumor that the courtroom was empty and that anyone brought into Enies Lobby would automatically be found guilty without trial predates the discovery of the corrupt jury.

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (7)

A drawbridge is installed at the back of the courthouse, connecting the main island and the Tower of Justice. Two towers on either side of the courthouse house the bridge controls.


Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (8)

It is located just past the main gate to the island. There are many tall buildings in which marines and spies are stationed.

daytime season

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (9)

Opposite the main entrance is the Sea Train Station, which serves the Enie lobby.

gates of justice

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (10)

The Gates of Justice are huge gates that reach into the sky. They act as a direct route to Impel Down and Marine Headquarters. After a criminal runs past them at the end of the Bridge of Hesitation, they are trapped with no chance of escape. Before the Straw Hat Pirates' attack, the gates never fully opened.

Main entrance

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (11)

The closest gate to the Sea Train Station is the main gate, and people can use the island's main gate by entering it.

island main gate

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (12)

The main island gate gives access to the central area of ​​the island and is located inside the main gate. The region above the waterfall and in the center of the island is accessible after passing through the main gate.

tower of justice

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (13)

Behind the courthouse and beyond the drawbridge is the Tower of Justice, headquarters of CP9. It is the tallest building in Enies Lobby. It consists of a huge tower with the words "Enies Lobby" clearly visible. It is unknown how many floors there are inside the structure. In English translations, it is referred to as the Tower of Law.

The Bridge of Hesitation connects the basement of the Tower of Justice to an underground passage that allows you to avoid the whirlpools. The entire hall is underwater.

waterfall ring

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (14)

The huge waterfall that runs under the island of Enie's Lobby leads to nothing but a huge space, empty and black, even if there is water inside. It is perhaps the strangest feature of the island. The waterfall is a natural feature and doesn't seem to exist anywhere else. The island floats over a hole in the ocean, but a lone land bridge connects it to the water. The purpose of water, how the island can maintain its structural integrity, and how this hole in the ocean can be reached have never been addressed.

Employees in the Enies lobby

The Enies Lobby team consists of various people and creatures who work under the world government. Some of the key employees of Enies Lobby are mentioned below.


Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (15)

CP9 or Cipher Pol Number 9 is a secret group of people specializing in Rokushiki techniques. Unlike the eight official Cipher Police groups, CP9 members focus on assassinating targets that threaten the World Government rather than gathering information.


Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (16)

The Baskerville of Three serves as the World Government's Chief Justice and is the head of the Enies Lobby. Although they appear to have three heads, Bas, And and Kerville are three individuals who prefer to act as one body because they are good friends.

law enforcement unit

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (17)

Enies Lobby's top-notch security personnel working for Baskerville are known as the Law Watch Unit, or simply the "Law Watch Unit". A band of soldiers ride dogs while wielding arm blades.

Only eleven judges

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (18)

The Just Eleven Jurymen are the most powerful and intimidating Baskerville soldiers in Enie's lobby. There are eleven men, each holding a large ball on a chain. They have the word "Guilty" tattooed on their left arm and wear masks.

Oimo und Kashi

Where is Enie's Lobby in One Piece? (19)

the giants outElbaf, Oimo and Kashii were former members of Dorry and Brogy's Giant Warrior Pirates. They were tricked into being the gatekeepers of Enie's Lobby fifty years ago after being kidnapped by the Marines. Oimo and Kashii rebelled against the world government. They joined forces with the Galley-La Corporation, the Franky Family, and the Straw Hat Pirates.


As seen in One Piece Film: Red, the island is being restored.

common questions

Q. In which One Piece episode does Enie's Lobby begin?

A. dieEnies Lobbybogenbegins in One Piece episode 264, titled Operation Landing Begins! Straw Hat Crew Make haste!'

Q. Is Enies Lobby any good?

A. Yes, the Enies Lobby arc is one of the most significant arcs in the One Piece series. It reveals the true nature of the World Government's inventions, and overall, this arc marks a major shift in the Straw Hat Pirates' journey.

Q. Is Enie's lobby after Water 7?

A. The Post-Enies Lobby Arc, also known as Second Water Arc 7 and Return to Water Arc 7, is the fourth and final story arc of the Water Saga 7 and theseventeenth story arcfrom the manga and anime One Piece.

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